20070407/08? Ideas?

So, g-$$$ and the PM are talking about a 2-day winter/spring traverse. I have no experience camping and because of the bare conditions on the summits and somewhat lukewarm about the idea - although it has its obvious appeal. I think if they go I'll join them on day one (saturday) but not overnight.

The next few days will bring in a lot of weather, so the Sat/Sun choice may also wait until the last minute for a good decision. Right now in Danville we've had rain all day and now sleet and then snow during the rest of the week (mixed w/ sleet and rain). The high summits are expected to get a mix as well, probably mostly snow at this point, although it's also been rain up until now.

If the snowpack is stable, there's a climb I'm intrigued by one gully to the left of Dodge's which I've marked in the picture shown here. It's not real clear from the angle of this photo, but there is a fin of rock between it and Dodge's. It looks real narrow, which means few options, and a higher likelihood of not making it to the top - but still, it's really intriguing.... isn't it? I found another pic on Tuckerman.org that might help illustrate the route (seen on right).


  1. If there are parties doing the one day on Saturday I will probably join. Does anyone have any interest for something local on Good Friday?

  2. I'm off work on Good Friday but the wife may kill me if I should choose to hike/venture on Fri, Sat and Sun...

    Talked with G$ tonight and he's still in for the Presi Traverse. My feeling is that unless the high summits get a TON of snow then it's going to be the Presi Traverse light - sans visibility, temp, and wind issues.

    That "other" route up in the ravine looks gnarly and narrow. I'd like to try it sometime.

  3. I'm committed to the traverse barring real bad weather. Selfishly I need more overnight trip experience than I do a one-day...even as gnarly as anything on the headwall is appealing.

    With Gannett, Denali, Kili and Rainier on the to do (or to do again list) I need to work on more winter camping....not that the steep stuff is not worthy but since I already worked the whole Easter Weekend away, I ought to take advantage of it.

    And Mutha-Z, feel free to join us on Sat even if you do the one-day, but with tentage and sleeping bags we will probably moving at a crawl compared to your normal speed...I still think you should join us.....what better way to gain th camping experience by doing. FWIW, I have a 3 man tent that may be a bit cozy with you 6-footers but doable.

  4. looks like we'll have company on the traverse..ie trail should be packed out????


  5. Wow, $650! The g-$$$ train offers free tickets for the one-way excursion. That's a savings of $650 per person ... just think of all the gear that would buy. :)

    I'm still on the fence (2% chance) but I'm sure that at least I'll join y'all for part of the trek on saturday (100% chance). It looks like you'll have great weather for it, although it's still early to tell. I woke up to 2 inches of heavy, wet snow on the driveway. I'm sure it's not light and fluffy powder on the summits.

  6. i would still like to entertain Saturday...where is the departure of this adventure has that been decided?

  7. here is the plan for now....pm is meeting me around 530-6 in Portsmouth and then get to Crawford Notch around 7:30, spot a car and press on to Appalachia. So the fun begins around 8:30 from Appalachia. Again, PM and I will be lugging 40-50 lb packs so the pace will be slow but methodical.

    If you guys join us for the whole shindig, let me know I have two extra sleeping bags and one extra tent. We'll just have to add some food to the grocery list.

    Stay tuned because I am sure we'll have more details as the week progresses.