20060616 - Treadmill Destroys Mt. Washington!

There's nothing left but the bones, ladies and gentlemen. The mountain is laying bleeding in a corner, begging for mercy. Treadmill crossed the finish line in 1:33 and some seconds, in the top 20 women runners. How cool. Pictures are posted via the Trip Reports link on the left (or click here). I haven't gotten pics from the PM yet, but they'll be added at some point.

tMail, the PM and I had a glorious day out on Huntington Ravine - greatly missing g-$$$ (still dealing w/ pink-eye) and MD (being thrown off a cliff by huge earth-moving machinery or something like that). The weather was extraordinarily excellent and Huntington Ravine was terrific fun.

tMail tagged the summit of Monroe in an extraordinary race w/ the clock. The PM and I escorted him as far as the trail Jct of the Crawford Path, Tuckerman Cutoff (or whatever it's called) just above Lake of the Clouds. We headed up to the summit of the Bad Boy via the Crawford Path while tMail rocketed off to Monroe. We were standing around at the finish line waiting for runners for only about 15 minutes when who should pop in? tMail. How he covered that much terrain in that short a time is beyond me. Were it not for the photographic evidence, I'd say he hid behind a rock and waited until we were out of sight before sneaking up behind us.

Well, Treadmill not only crushed the mountain but didn't even crash and burn afterwards. We chowed on pizza and beer with her running-mate Stephanie at the Shannon Door in Jackson and there was no evidence she had done a damned thing. I want that kind of immunity to exertion.

Other highlights were:

  • Near the top of the Ravine, due to the verticality of the locale and my relative position on the cliff, I felt compelled to comment to the PM on his shapely behind, clad in flatteringly tight shorts. A free-soloing climber heading down from above, peeked over the edge of a rock and commented "he doesn't look so hot from here!". (tMail added further commentary on the moisture level of the PM's shorts, leading to our new favorite phrase: "Swampy Grundle".
  • the PM and I followed tMail's lead and completely immersed ourselves in a very cold brook (the one running alongside the Tuckerman trail). See the last pic for photographic proof.


  1. Treadmill hats off to your Legendary Performance...

    Couple "I heard it on the mountain/off the mountain"

    1. Cock
    2. Rock Cock
    3. i sucked my bladder dry
    4. Was that a girl or a guy?
    5. How is the weather up there? Great doing nothing. P.S. stay low you will probably get blasted off the mountain by lighting.
    6. Open the restaurant
    7. Mini's on Top
    8. North Face sucks
    9. I got Swamp Ass Swampy Grundle it's just a swamp
    10. If you make a fist and stick it in there you should be fine.

  2. Awesome weekend.

    From the 1:20 run with T-Mail on Friday to Saturday's festivities to that last piece of jalapeno pizza that just paid me a visit... (ouchie)

    The climb up Huntington was cool. I had recalled the slab being a little puckering but since following MuthaZ up Dodges and elsewhere, there was only a slight sensation of a rectal spasm. Then again, I didn't follow Mutha up the web slab with mossy handholds and no foot holds... fucking animal!

    Treadmill is beaming today - and rightfully so. 22nd of women and 9th in her age group! 1:33:17. Unreal. I hope I never have to run from her!

    T-Mail and his little pop over to Monroe - what the F?! Shows up 14mins after MuthaZ and I get to the summit. F-ing animal!

    Nipple update - sausage skin did it's job. No bleeding or rawness to report! It'll get a harder test this week in NJ.

    Looking forward to next Saturday's adventure, whatever it may be.

    We need to start thinking about a menu for Jay and also close with G$ and MadDog for attendence (we have PLENTY of room at the house.)

  3. Forgot to mention the grundel... it's dry today.

  4. Added pics from the PM (they should be done uploadeing by 7:25pm)! Rocking Good Time. I posted a note about Treadmill at Candleblog which gets hundreds of reader hits a day.

  5. Congratulations to Treadmill! (Do I get to call you that??!!) You are amazing girl. I am completely in awe!!

    -Rach ("The Pace") ;)

  6. MPM, please pass on my belated congratulations to Treadmill. I would have liked to cheer her on. 1:33 is moving. Like I said, there a lot of seasoned bike riders that can't RIDE up it that fast. I am surprised there was no talk amongst you guys of racing up it yourselves.

    Sorry I had to bail on the hike. I was really looking forward to hitting Huntington Ravine Trail too. Looks like the weather was stellar. If I can't get any of you guys to escort me when I take a shot at it I'll have to get Bec and Andy to do that one. Anyway my weekend was all about family time so it ain't that bad of an alternative to hitting the trails.

    I'm out of town this upcoming weekend. I still have to throw a date out for Tecumseh in July. I'll pencil in the 23rd for Jay but I have to check with the boss and get back to you...I may go and take a bike and ride between/along the course.