Pre-PuppetMaster-Presi Preparations

Things are looking pretty stormy this weekend and I'm reluctant to get hit by lightning. I don't mind rain, drizzle or snow, but stormy weather is best left to others.

From the looks of the image to the right (archived from about 8:30 this morning) there may be a gap in the weather between late morning and early evening so I may head down to Franconia Notch for a quickie.

In the meantime, the PM's Presi Project next weekend may run headlong into plans by Hurricane Ike - although at this point Ike probably won't make landfall until very late in the week.

At this point we don't have the PM's specifics (is he still in Maine?) but we do know he either wants to go North->South or South->North. Anything else would be sheer folly and could result in aimless wandering around New Brunswick.


  1. We may escape the wrath of IKE next weekend...

  2. Just back from Maine. The real world becons...

    Despite my earlier exuberance for the Presi Traverse, next weekend may be a bust on my side. I am returning from Denver late on Fri night (after being in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal eary in the week.)

    I will post an update when I get a better handle on my travel schedule.

    I may end up pulling a G$ and meeting you guys along the route somewhere... if Ike allows.

  3. Sorry to hear about the travel plans. If you bag it, I believe that leaves me and tMail. Anyone else? If it's just t and me, I'm going to advocate for a Cabot-Waumbek speed-monster instead of the presi.

  4. no can do for me neither...got a century coming up on the 20th so I need a few more long rides under my belt...plus got some family time scheduled.