Sunday, the 13th: The Kinsmans

Two scenarios depending on the weather:

  1. Cannon via the Lonesome Lake Trail, drop back down and hit the Kinsmans. Return via Fishin' Jimmy. (13.1 miles)
  2. Ascend via the Fishin' Jimmy. Hit the Kinsmans. Return via the Kinsman Pond Trail. (11.3 miles)
We chose the latter (also descended via Fishin' Jimmy).

tMail's Trip Report (pics here):

While packing for this trip I did the normal thing, mittens, hats, down, shell etc etc etc...but what I what I tried to do was leave the essential stuff I would need near "the zipper". Yes "the zipper" you know that zipper that you never use on your pack (some may have it) that gives you access to the inner large compartment?

What I have been trying to do and this is working well is not change, what I mean by that is keep my base layer/capiliene layer on once we stop for lunch, above timberline or in exposed area. I am trying to "trust my equipment" in the anticipation that it will dry quickly, why did I buy it to begin with?

So yesterday when I stopped, I immediatly pulled out my shell jacket put it on which stopped some wind that was circulating around us and then put my down jacket on over that zipped up everything and both hoods on and I remained warm. I never went into my pack all day I used "the zipper".

When we started to move again I took my down off, jammed it back through "the zipper" and just vented the shell properly with pit zips and the front zip, the baselayer dried relatively quickly.

Trip Report:
  1. G$$$ picked me up (G$$$ thanks for driving) at Kohls and we rocked at at 80mph to Lincoln for DD stop
  2. We met DogMan and Mutha at the lot
  3. Mutha went up to a car and said do i know you people, they probably thought he was going to kill them
  4. We saw a car on the other side of the highway with front window blown out ala MadDog.
  5. Conditions primo for snowshoes or crampons or micro spikes.
  6. DogMan had crampons on his paws all day and learned all about them and how to trust them.
  7. Shamus attacked Spanky, Spanky lost again, DogMan remained composed the other owners called their dogs (no drama).
  8. We had a very high level conversation with another lady about dog clothing particularly (Ruffwear).
  9. I saw more Aryteryx yesterday than we have seen jeans on Lafayette.
  10. Great to see G$$$ back on the trails sharing his knowledge, of crampons, microspikes, down, snowshoes, and his secret purchases of gear, new snowshoes
  11. DogMan crampons, ice axe, goggles, GEAR GEAR GEAR....
  12. Mutha thanks for the christmas gifts two have already been put to work.
  13. G$$$ thanks for getting me home in one piece the Jeep is a cross between a SUV and snowmobile, who needs winter wipers we got our fingers and hands!!!!

Mutha's Trip Report (pics here):
Well, I can honestly say that the whole thing was a blur. I remember a lot of white - and something else... hmmm... oh yeah, it started snowing.

That's about it.

Oh yeah, DogMan rocked the crampons. He went up AND down. It was like watching Nuryev getting hit by a bus.

g-$$$ let out a pre-war-whoop when his pack went all medieval on his bad shoulder, but it dwindled like a bad fuse on a damp pack of firecrackers.

tMail is the new Obama as far as Spanky is concerned. He gave her mackerel. That's fish we can believe in.

Spanky ate twice as much as I did. I'm still hungry. She took a shit the size of my head.


  1. If all goes according to plan Sunday will be my 99th and 100th total NH high points in my life...