Vermonts Love Their Freedom

The Vermont Natural Resource Council (a private, secretive, non-profit representing a secret client list) does not believe that Vermonters should be free to simply enjoy the great outdoors.  While the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail Committee is struggling to convert an old, decrepit railbed into a 94-mile recreation trail, the VNRC is throwing up barriers because it believes that runners and cyclists will pose an environmental hazard.  But Vermonters are not standing for it.  We're gathering in Senator Bartlett's office on Thursday, April 1 (April Fool's Day) at 9am to debate the issue.  On one side, the VNRC is arguing that this should be a highly regulated project with the same strict controls that are imposted on waste-treatment facilities.  On the other, the Citizens of Vermont are pleading that this is just an existing railbed, that just needs a fresh surface.

Where do you stand on the issues?  Contact the VNRC and to see their position paper.  Contact Senator Bartlett or you local congressman and tell them you want to take back Vermont's Great Outdoors from the Zombie Obstructionists!


  1. The VNRC wants to treat this project like an Obama Nuclear Energy Plant...they did a really good job of oversight in the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power plant that oozed nuclear waste into the rivers and made the fish go belly up...yup that same oversight on a trail that people want to run, bike and walk on!

    VNRC get a f'n clue and set your priorities straight, you create work and waste money I will never donate to your sorry ass group again!!!