The Great Mack Mtn Bushwack

Yesterday Dogman, Trudy, Spanky, Jake and I did a 12-13 mile (5:30) bushwack.  Estimate of total elevation gain is about 5,000'.  We hit:

Hooker Mtn
Mack Mtn
Morse Mtn
Devil's Hill

The route out was bushwacked because except for the trail up Devil's Hill, none of these summits have trails.  Technically Hooker Mtn does, to the first peak, but the trail rises on the other side and we didn't hit it until within a few minutes of the main summit.

The return trip was all on snowmobile trails, forest roads, and for the last 5 miles, town-maintained roads.

The pace was arduous, in spite of an average pace of over 24 min.

For scale, Mac Mtn is about 2,400'

All these are covered in hardwood below 1500' w/ stands of fir at all elevations.  We tackled this now while the woods are still open.  In another month this trek couldn't be done w/out x-ray vision.

The weather and scenery were beautiful.

Pics to come tonight.



  1. Excellent stuff can't wait to see the pictures! Did you get close to Peacham Pond?

  2. So was this the longest gap between blog entries???

    Nice...sounds like a killer adventure.

    Did ya check for ticks? They early season reports around here are that we should expect a 20-30% increase in Lyme disease cases. Live Free or Die!

  3. what was the means of transport?

  4. It was indeed a long gap in log entries, g-$$$. this april thaw season is a bitch.

    maddog, the "means of transport"?? you mean did Dogman have to carry me?