Gannett 2010

 Gannett via the Glacier Trail (SummitPost link to Trail Description):  The hike starts outside of DuBois, Wyoming and bangs south to Gannett for 22 miles (to summit camp) and then another 3 to the summit for a round-trip total of 50 miles.  The elevation change is from about 7400' (trailhead) to 13804 (summit) for a net gain of about 6400' - however the total ascent is around 10000' due to several substantial climbs (Arrow Pass ascent, for example) and descents.

g-$$$'s Trip Report (pics here):
Quick thoughts and a short message courtesy of the scheduling genius of American Airlines.

Thanks fellas....for yet another trip of (tip of hat to muthaz on Gannett 08) unexpected consequenses.  I know the goal was getting me to the summit.  I am humbled and extremely greatful to have such an awesome group of peers/friends to share with,  lean on, listen to, talk to, and learn from.....oh yea....and to exploit. Despite the sores, blisters, and thoughts of replacing well worn gear, I still can't believe it's over and done.

Just a few highlights until I can assemble my random thoughts after such a huge high!
  • Team Bare Bait adventure with the juvenile Griz in hunt for tmail
  • Tmail is a terrible negotiator...all decisions are final when he is strongarmed and end of discussion isn't always so definitive.
  • Carl is the man...we all need to send a message to the NFS to give him props.  If all civil servants shared the same passion, knowledge, and willingness to serve...imagine how much greater this country would be.
  • No Atomic Burger but the Cowboy Cafe still is the classic post- expedition feed zone and a standalone highlight of Dubois.
  • 50 plus miles with 50 plus packs.
  • Muthaz...no shortage of thoughts, opinions, and good stories.
  • Tmail...a born leader.  Strong like an ox, speed like a goat, and heart of a lion.
  • Wildman...the silent warrior.  Your calm demeanor belies your wisdom and determination.  Thanks for defending the uphill afterguard with me!
  • Supporting crew...you were missed but not forgotten:
  • Pm...you couldn't make it but we were incredibly glad your gear did.   we were lucky to have it.  You were missed but your spirit was with us....every step.
  • Maddog....the dried goodies were so awesome...every piece of granite talus evoked the though of having you there
  • Dogman...many adventures to come.  We need a newbie to continue to pass the wisdom and frivolity to!
  • Highpoint 48.....wow...Denali 2015?
  • Free airline tickets are anything but free.
Lots of pictures and lucid thoughts after some quality time with EZ-E, the missus, and a backlog of work that is gonna cripple me to my knees.  Looking forward to Puppetmaster Challenge 2011. 
2 words PM....Grand Teton.

Incredibly great fun and great times with great peeps.  Memories to last 10 lifetimes.

Thanks so much guys!!!
tMail's Trip Report (pics here):
What I learned in the past and applied to the trip.  The success of the trip was not based on one but on all of us and what we have learned and applied to ourselves from each of our unique characteristics.
  • PM – His leadership skills and ability to analyze and always think ahead for the better of the group.
  • G$$$ - His patience, knowledge, thoughtfulness and determination.
  • Wildman – His cool collective calmness that no matter what always gives the sense everything is ok.
  • MadDog – His ability to always push forward and be the supportive voice we always need to hear to make things seem easier than they really are.
  • Mutha – His ability to get that little bit more out of you when you think there isn’t anymore to give, his jovial attitude and ability to always get you to smile, laugh and know you have someone who is right there with you.
  • DogMan - His free spirit and ability to enjoy the moment as much as possible.
As you will all hear, the summit almost didn’t happen for Tmail, but the encouraging words of one and the desire to do what others would do overcame the fears and anxiety.

“You can never conquer the mountain. You can only conquer yourself.”
Mutha's Trip Report (pics here):

I have only a few specific things to add that can't be gleaned from the astounding pictures we're posting:
  • This trek was a huge achievement for me and I have to thank the greatest team.  This includes the ghost of DogMan, identified as "the guy who we had to drag out here next time"; the PuppetMaster whose enthusiasm and power filled us all in absentia; MadDog, whose tagline and Chinese Laborer photo became the mantra of the ascent; and our spouses and family who enthusiastically (if somewhat nervously) embrace our adventures.
  • The sense of vertigo and vastness of the great ranges of Wyoming as viewed from the ridge trail are completely indescribable and not adequately communicated by the pictures.  I'm embedding an image of the final ascent along the ridge, shot last summer by hiker Redwic and found on SummitPost.org.  It gives a sense of the narrowness of the trail and the conditions to either side.  What is doesn't show is the 3000' drop to either side.
  • The trek in was overlaid by the thoughts of the ridge traverse.  The trek out was overlaid by the distinct possibility that we'd come face-to-face with a 'sub-adult' grizzly reported to have encountered hikers and a horses in the days before out exit.  That's a lot of mulling over things like personal challenges, death & carnage.
  • The Glacier Trail is not a straight shot.  There are interesting sections throughout, including brook crossings, rushing glacier melt, switchbacks, long-haul ascents, boulder fields and of course glacier/snow travel.
Wildman's Trip Report (pics here):
A long a dusty trial at times trail from DuBoys. Amazing how different this approach was compared to Pinedale. Steepness and at times dryness comes to mind. The glacier runoff was beautiful, but didn't provide many fishing opportunities, oh well. Day one over Arrow Pass was a gut check, I wasn't sure it was ever going to end. Thirt
y switchbacks, really, definitely possible. Our down day above the Tarns provided a day a rest and hours and hours of of summit route discusion.

  • Tmail remembering the tent poles
  • Next time lets not start anything with "when Bob is getting mauled"
  • Deciding who's tent we should pour Jelly on
  • Mutha pumping water by the gallon
  • 1 jar peanut butter 1 bottle jelly 4 people 3 lunches got it
  • Instant Banana Pudding rules, sorry Tmail Chocolate is no match
  • NOLS clearly delirious after 20 days, maybe they didn't know which way they went
  • A so so day can make for a great summit day
  • G$$$ you've got the dinners dialed in (as well as the route finding), I can't wait until next year
  • Mountain Goats, rock hopping wonders
  • Blasting out the last day 10.5 miles in 5.5 hours leaves it's mark on you feet
  • Tmail remembering all of the details from 2008, despite the Altitude issues
  • 57lbs without water I gotta leave more stuff behind or pack it in other packs


Looking forward to doing if again next year. The possibilities are endless


  1. Awesome report outs, awesome photos, and awesome accomplishment. Wish I could have made it.

    Next year... stay tuned. Too many ideas, some local and some afar. Climbing, fishing, following the moon, who knows...

  2. Will work on the trip report this weekend but here is the photos. Sorry I merged the disposable camera pics with the digital ones and did not merge sequentially so they may be jumbled.