Death March

On March 19th, tMail, Maddog and I are planning the Death March.  We're trying out a bunch of ideas, but the general plan is to come as close to the impossible as we are comfortable with.  Ideas being floated are:

  • Pemi Loop
  • Three Bonds In One Day
  • Backbone to Owl's Head and back
  • The Osceolas/Tecumseh
  • tMail's "Kanc Killer" would "take us up to Passaconway to Whiteface and then probably break trail to Tri's via the Kate Sleeper trail. I need to check a map. 5 mountains and grid damage.  The summer version of this includes Osceola's and Hancock's."


  1. good luck and hope mother nature cooperates....and way to sneak in a few more winter 4k's with the solstice coming...

  2. I forgot to mention I figured a way to get Tecumseh into the Kanc Killer...

  3. So what's the route? This is just brutal. What are you suggesting for the sequence of summits? Can you plot a route that doesn't require spotting a car?