Mt. Tom, Mt. Field, Mt. Willey, Mt. Hale: Off The Grid

Route: Parked at the Hale Brook Trailhead. Took the road to the Zealand Trail, left on the A-Z to Willey Range Trail, tagged Tom, Field, Willey. Then dropped to the AT, ran to Zealand Hut, then Lend-A-Hand over Hale and back to car.

Mutha's Trip Report:
Total time from car to Zealand Hut (via Willey Range and Ethan Pond Trail):  4:45 for me.  I covered the 5.8 miles of the Ethan Pond Trail (AT) in 1:46, including the time to take a power dump in the woods that was loud enough to pose a territorial challenge to the moose in the notch.  I'd been having intestinal discomfort all morning (farting and belching) and this basically took care of everything.

The long run along the Ethan Pond Trail (5.8 miles) and the final scramble up to the hut to make the 2pm goal (arrived at 1:57) left me dripping in sweat.  At the hut I took advantage of the water flowing over the smooth ledge and soaked my head. 

From the hut we hammered up the Lend-A-Hand to Hale summit (1:00 for me), then down to the car.  Elevation Gain:  (no idea - probably over 4k).
Total miles:  22.3.
Total time for me:  6:45. That's about an 18 minute pace on average.

tMail waited for me 3 times, totaling close to 0:30.  Chasing after him was useless.

Those summits are now off my grid for July.

Trail conditions:  There was not a single noteworthy element to the conditions out there.  The trails are in great shape although A-Z was, as usual, a bit overgrown.
tMail's Trip Report:  Run in number 1: I'm cruising along on EPT just rocking and Joey Bag of No Maps stops me dead in my tracks. He is walking towards Thoreau Falls and asks me is Guyot Camp site up ahead. I thought it was a joke. I said Guyot? He says "Yes". I said you are not even close. You need to head up to Zealand, Twin Way then towards the Bonds, South. He says "South". Look buddy do what you want. We saw him at Zealand while getting water looking at guess what a map! In retrospect I should have told him take Thoreau Falls trail to Wilderness to Bondcliff Trail and you can't miss it.

Run in number 2: The caretaker at Zealand found out I was drinking from Zealand falls, from some spy. Water rushing at 100's of gallons per minute, got read  riot act NOT to drink from the water.

Run in number 2 and 3 combo. MadDog the girl at Zealand was smoking, black sports bra, dark tan, tattoo across lower back and SHORT green shorts. At our deep water soak the girl from Quebec, smoking!

The water soak was awesome, the route awesome!

Zealand road should be blown up.
Tom Field Willey Hale nice knowing you in July!

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