Cannon And Liberty Double Header

Date:  Jan 1, 2012
Route:  Cannon via Hi-Cannon (speed hike up and down), drive to Liberty trailhead, hike Liberty Springs up and down.
Hikers:  tMail, Mutha
Conditions:  The lonesome lake trail was packed ice. Hi-Cannon was in the best shape of any trail:  ice with a thin bonded layer of snow (an inch or two).  Snow softening in the warming weather.
Gear of the Day:  trail-runners w/ micro-spikes.

tmail and Liberty Summit
Mutha's trip report (pics here):  unbelievable conditions.  the liberty spring trail is a douche and was kind of slog down, but overall it was a great day indeed.  in this warm 'spring' weather, the trails (especially Hi Cannon) were nearly perfect.  i had been planning on using the excuse of shitty/icy trails to explain why it was hard to haul my lard-ass to the top, but even i had to admit that there's little that could've been done to improve on the conditions.

we spent much of the day in running tights and t-shirts.  seriously.  on Liberty summit we had to layer up to hang out, but there was only a light breeze.  the summit was enshrouded in clouds so we didn't have warming sunshine but this was a May hike for sure.

liberty spring trail was kind of crappy - the trail was basically all ice, so the ascent was fine but the descent was annoying.

note to future self:  if everyone bails and i'm stuck w/ tmail, don't go... or pretend i have the flu or something.  it's unbelievable how that guy just dis-a-fucking-ppears going uphill.  it's like chasing an F4 on a tricycle.  buh-bye.

dogman, remember on our hike w/ the dogs around Thanksgiving when we ran into the couple on Mt. Tom?  she was belching really loud and he looked like he had no idea why he was with her.  we ran into them on the Hi-Cannon trail.  we passed them on the way up, and at the summit tmail pointed out that they were one and the same.  i actually recognized the guy, but didn't place him.  i muttered 'have a great hike' as i passed and she said 'you too, darling'.  that weird phrasing put me on the edge of figuring it out.  tmail nailed it at the summit and we chatted when we passed them on our way down.  they remembered the dogs, one young guy and two old guys.


wish you all could've been there to share the pain.
tmail's trip report (pics here):  Mutha and I had an awesome day peaking bagging, griding, assaulting call it what you want.

Cannon was every man for himself blitz assault via Hi Cannon trail AND conditions are epic for trail running with spikes.

Liberty was our 2nd assault we actually carried packs for this albeit ultra-lite had a "leisurely" pace talked and had a great time.
Conditions are spring like. Mutha is going ultra lite for 2012, watch out!

Wished you guys all made it.

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