Schedule for the Last 5 Days of 2006

tomorrow i'm hitting eisenhower/pierce with snow showers and dropping temperatures. I may take Crawford Path north hitting Pierce, then Eisenhower. If the weather is bad and I don't like the exposure, I'll head down the Edmands Path and trudge the weary "Clinton Road" back to 302. It's only two miles or so and I'd rather trudge that at night than have to deal with wind/snow. Friday, after the cold front moves through on Thursday, it'll be either adams, jefferson or adams & jefferson depending on weather, wind, etc.

if friday ends up being just one of the adams/jefferson pair, then saturday is the other.

if friday and saturday go according to plan, sunday is tecumseh.

so here it is:

  • wed: eisenhower/pierce
  • thu: day off
  • fri: adams and/or jefferson
  • sat: rest or adams or jefferson
  • sun: tecumseh

if this plan works out, i'm getting so wasted on new year's eve i won't be able to talk for two days.

if this plan doesn't work out then i'll fill in the missing summits during january, but still drink a lot on new year's eve.

if anybody plans on coming along on Friday for Adams (and maybe Jefferson) I'd like to hit the trail REAL early in case it's a possibility of doing both. at the latest, 7am start - if nobody else goes, i'll probably shoot for a 5:30/6am start.


  1. I will check with work and try to get Friday off....PM are you in for Friday?

  2. I am a go for Friday. Early start but it should be worth every minute.

    Mutha, what trail were you thinking of starting at? Lowes, Castle, etc? What's the plan of attack? The wind will be up our ass on the way up and in our face on teh way down regardless!!!

  3. Sad news I can not get the day off take a picture of me to the top. After the New Year I will looking at taking some trips to Franconia Notch possibly doing a ridge loop to get accustomed to my new gear.

  4. sad indeed, young jedi. the mountain will one day feel the force of your crampons.

  5. Many mountains will pay for this....I want the mother to beg for mercy in February.