Next Weekend (3/31 - 4/1)

Well, what's in store boys and girls? We're supposed to have rain today and then sun and warm temperatures during the day and freezing at night for the rest of the week. The sap will be flowing but if things don't freeze up hard we may have some challenges w/ mud. If we don't get any spring storms, the presi-traverse that g-$$$/pm are planning the following weekend will be on bare rock.

Lastly, blogspot has been having some major problems and it's possible that once I put up a post like this it can't be edited. I hope they get their shit together soon.


  1. Okay fuckers. I pounded the bacteria out, shook off the virus, and also completed my little foray into the wide world of pavement and grits...

    And now it's mountain time.

    Mutha Z has taken steep to the next level. Looks like he's cheating in some training for next year's Mad River Glen snowshoe assault.

    This weekend may be touch and go. Saturday is 50/50 so Sunday looks to be a better possiblity for thsi cat.

    I'll be conversing with G$$$ throughout the week in terms of the Presi overnight/traverse for Easter weekend.

  2. Welcome to the land of the living, PM! Let's make Sunday the tentative plan and hope for some freezing weather. If things get real icy in time for the weekend, we might try something steep. I'm going to sharpen my crampons this week!

  3. Sunday let me see.....YUP WORKS FOR ME...

  4. its another social weekend for me...E-Z E's Big #1 Birthday Bash is Saturday and I have family in town so breaking away on April Fool's day won't be an option....another weekend of cooking and hosting.

  5. The intense freeze/thaw is making for rock-hard ice. Hillman's or the Headwall might be interesting options, but I've GOT to sharpen my crampons.

    It's going to be interesting conditions everywhere. My vote is to do something that is unique to spring conditions, like scrambling up hard ice/snow. We have all summer to bang around on rocks.

    I may check out VFTT tonight and see what's going on.

    PM, is Sunday still better? It looks like the next weather system is holding off until then - saturday looking bright and sunnier... but I have to admit, having a little weather makes things a buttload more interesting.

    As usual, if anyone has any ideas, let's hear 'em.

  6. Muthaz I am in full agreement with you and I had mentioned to the PM if the ice is like cement Muthaz is going to want to play on it. I like the idea of Hillmans (Sunday) I will have to talk to the PM maybe come up to Vermont (Saturdayin the evening) or leave super early from Boston area on Sunday morning.

  7. After reading today's avalanche bulletin I think crampon treks in Tuckerman Ravine are definitely the way to go.

    But I've GOT to get my crampons sharpened. There is clearly a serious issue surrounding the whole self-arrest thing (or rather failure to do so adequately).

    Two axes might be a good idea ... but I doubt I'll have time to pick up two ice-climbing axes ... even two cheapo ones.

  8. What is your plan for sharpening....

  9. I concur that Sat looks awesome but my brother-in-law and mother-in-law are coming to our place tomorrow night - Amy's grandma in Providence is not doing so great. We plan to go see her on Saturday as a family.

    I can do an early rise on Sunday and am game for a poke up the ravine so long as avy conditons are tame.

    Now what kind of equipment do I need to do this stuff agin? (fuck you...)

  10. Sunday, it is. Nothing's moving in the ravines - it's all bomb-proof. tMail, don't sharpen your crampons, they're new. if you do, use a "bastard mill file" or "bastard file" as they're called. I may use a grind-wheel on a drill but move it fast so i don't heat the steel and ruin the temper. these crampons have seen their last season anyway. now i just need two axes ...

  11. Well I am definitely out this weekend with family in town for the big birthday bash...so I have axes up the ying yang if PM wants to swing through Exeter at 6AM on Sunday. Just don't ring the doorbell because my ass will be blissfully asleep.

    As for sharpening crampons...consult the bible....so much good info in the Freedom of the Hills. Me, I just use a coarse hand file (bastard file works well), sharpen the side points pretty well and the front points to a nice taper. Not too sharp because someone told me that they dull faster. I tried with the grinding wheel once and all I did was make lots of sparks and freak Lisa out with the noise...I do think the hand file works best.

  12. PM just let me know what time you want to meet at the Brothel Sunday Morning.....