Notes From Ancient History

While we're waiting for snow totals of "The Storm of March 3, 2007!" and are planning our next hike on Sunday, I figured I'd post links to all the trips going back to May 8, 2004, my first Presi Traverse w/ Mad Dog, Keith & Roland. Prior to that I didn't have a digital camera.

New postings include a link to my first meeting w/ Treadmill on our 9/10/2005 Presi Traverse.

The link list on the left has grown, and the plan is to keep it going for many years to come.


  1. I think that is F'n COOL!!!

  2. MD's pre-official post of today's outing. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

    The Good:
    1. That monkey is finally off TMail's back.
    2. Nice cushion all day on the feet , thanks to lots of fresh powder
    3. Proving out my new Black Diamond poles

    The Bad:
    1. Any attempt to combine cream cheese and proscuitto
    2. Road conditions between VT and NH
    3. My IT band

    The Ugly
    1. MuthaZ's attempt at ballet on the summit.
    2. The four-legged creature dawging TMail and me up Heather's.


  3. See prior posting ("The Bad Boy II"). Pics and Video now posted for "The Bad Boy II" (see links list).