Roque Bluffs Catch-Up

I'm still playing catch-up. tMail gave me the down-low on a lot of the Saturday Shake-Down results (MD, I need to catch up with you to get my gear portion), but I'm still feeling like I haven't caught up from vacation. While I wouldn't call it a freak-out, panic-mode thing, I'm certainly bummed I missed Saturday's festivities.

I'll email lots of questions.

That said, I was reminded of a lesson I once learned in Maine many years ago: a tide-clock really comes in handy. I kayaked along the coast and then headed up-river with the tide and decided to head back early rather than wait an additional hour for high tide. Because of my location Sunset From The House
relative to the reference port on the tide chart I actually had 1/2hr more of incoming than I knew and heading back early meant not only paddling against the tide but then trying to exit the mouth of the river under a road bridge which still had a strong current against me. While I couldn't get through the bridge, I did take advantage of the fast-moving water to circulate in a back eddy: head toward bridge in the eddy, push out into swift current, get shot downriver like out of a slingshot, catch eddy again and head back up to bridge. It was like the best water-park ride ever invented.

Also, if you ever find yourself heading up coastal route 1 toward Machias, take the time to drive out to the Great Wass Island nature preserve. Hike all the way out to the farthest point. Pics are posted HERE.

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