It's time to post for the Shakedown of June 7/8. It'll be "Murder on the Orient Express", "Mutiny on the Bounty" and "Alien vs. Predator" all rolled into one. Trip details posted as we figure the bitch out. Whatever it is, it'll be with heavy packs and labored breathing.

[Update 6/4 8:25pm]
Okay, here's what we've decided so far, based on extensive email back-and-forths:

  1. We're taking the flat route in from Lincoln Woods Campground, although I may be the only one who thinks we're going in on the south/east shore of the river on the East Side Trail.
  2. We're taking all our stuff, including climbing gear, helmets, axes, harnesses, crampons and other stuff. Because we're taking a shorter route in we'll be able to accommodate a later start (see trailhead logistics below).
  3. Riley and Spanky are coming along. The PM and I are each carrying 2-man tents, tMail and g-$$$ are carrying 2 or 3-man tents. Still don't know if BobW's pals are coming along.
  4. Bob's bringing extra helmets & packs and g-$$$ and Bob are bringing extra harnesses.
  5. TrailHead: We're meeting at 8:30am (I think) at the Lincoln Woods campground east of Lincoln, NH on the Kanc. MD and I will probably stop at DD in Lincoln. We'll take the flat route in to the Bondcliff Trail and set up camp there, then hit the Bonds possibly Saturday afternoon/evening (Sunset from Bondcliff? Thunderstorms from Bondcliff?). Returning Sunday morning. Whoever doesn't shoot themselves from the long, hard slog gets to keep the cars.
  6. We'll probably repack in the parking lot. For those of us that have never done this sort of thing, hiking into the Bonds wearing harnesses will be quite the experience. BobW! They go inside or outside our pants???
  7. Oh yeh, and temperatures in the valley could exceed 85°F.
  8. Don't forget your crampons!


  1. pharyngeal reflex versus the esophago-rectal reflex

  2. oh yeah, it's the Bonds smackdown.

    X vs O
    good vs evil
    Yanks vs Sox
    me vs me (yikes!)

  3. yin vs yang
    tent vs bivy
    figure-8 vs atc

    bring it on beeyaches.

  4. Call me Bond (003)...

    Lyme Disease vs Malaria
    Dengue Fever vs West Nile Virus
    Small pox vs Chikungunya Fever
    Yellow Fever vs Typhoid Fever

  5. Unleash the dogs...

    Am I to understand that we're going in via the rail bed?! If so then I'll bring the small hand gun so we can take turns shooting ourselves on the way out!

  6. Ow my aching feet vs. ow my aching back vs. ow my aching ribs.

  7. So apparently I'm outvoted. You yahoos want to schlepp in from Lincoln Woods. Oy. Won't that also mean taking the East Side Trail instead of the Wilderness Trail since the Franconia Brook bridge is out (the one by Franconia Falls)?

  8. We could also explore new territory and come in from the Hnacock Notch Trail and the Cedar Brook Trail. I've never been on the Cedar Brook Trail but the height-of-land is only about 1,000ft above the Hancock Overlook parking lot after 5 miles... and it's only a few miles longer than the East Side Trail, which intersects with it before crossing the river. (see map).

  9. Here's another idea to avoid coming IN and going OUT on the East Side Trail: park at Zealand Trail off 302, hike in via Zealand Falls hut & The Twinway. We'll hit the bonds on Saturday and continue down the Bondcliff Trail and camp where the PM recommends (that's only 12 or 13 miles, one more for tMail and whoever hits West Bond). On Sunday, we continue east on the Wilderness Trail and head back to the cars via the Thoreau Falls Trail. Sunday will only be 12 or 13 miles and aside from a mild, gradual ascent via the Thoreau Falls Trail, has no climbs.

    Consider this: we won't want to commit suicide on the Rail Bed.

  10. RAIL BED

    As long as there is a nice big river on the way out on Sunday so I can go for a plunge I will be happy...

    Why don't we all muster up our 60lbs packs and ride the Cog all day Saturday and Sunday and set a guiness book of world record for the most rides in a Cog will standing with 60lbs back pack...

  11. believe me I have VERY limited desire to ever step foot on the railbed. so mea culpa for confusing the PM's offering of routes.

    that being said if we go via Zealand and the Twinway we definitely need an early start. The size of our group drives our need to have a site at Guyot and the fact we'll be racing against the other weekend warriors who head up on Friday night headstart to the hut may even trump that.

    But I would agree sunset on West Bond was pretty awesome.

    The other options M-Z proposed are appealing with my preference being the Hancock Trail/Cedar Brook option just because it's more centrally located for all of us. $80 to fill the Jeep makes me real conscious about driving an extra mile nowadays! I'm not overly excited about a longer hike, nit I'm not enamored about doing the railbed again either.

  12. I'll bring a 2-person tent although due to its age it's probably pretty heavy. I doubt I'll bring a dog.

  13. My old 2-man tent is pretty heavy. I tried weighing it on a bathroom scale and it seems to increase my weight by 500lbs. I think the scale is older than the tent.

    Since Riley is coming I think I'll bring Spanky.

  14. Nearly packed but not packed at all. Food, fuel, some clothes, a tent, an ice axe, harness, helmet, some cord, etc. I haven't packed the dog food yet. It's not 70lbs but it's still heavy!

    I am up for any trail. If we can miss the railbed then let's do it.

    So long as I can get home around 5 or 6pm on Sunday I should be good with any plan.

  15. I already tried to steer this oil-tanker to a non-railbed route, but failed. Now it's up to you, PM.