Saturday Adventure

I'm thinking of doing a big speed-hike on Saturday, possibly a pemi (short 30 mile version) avoiding Galehead, North Twin and West Bond. I realize it's late notice, but I'd like to do it in under 15 hours, which means going g-$$$-wise (counter clockwise, trotting the wilderness trail first and coming down the Osseo from flume, possibly in the dark). I'd rather trot the Wilderness Trail in the dark so I'm planning on sleeping in my car and starting out by 3am.

Then of course I may wait until some other day this fall and do it with the group. I'm a little concerned about my schedule this fall so I may have to be aggressive and take weekend trips when I can.

If anyone is interested, it'll be fine weather. I'm taking NO extra clothing and I'm bringing the MSR water filter to keep my water load to 2L at a time. Just water and food and the filter.


  1. MZ good luck weather is suppose to be nice and if you check VFTT some guy I think just did a Pemi...I am heading to New York today around noon and will be back Sunday...I will have a report of my Adirondacks (pictures of course) adventure 4 Mountains possible 5 if we feel up to it...

  2. wow mz. i'm glad i missed the pemi torture trek. i did a nice family hike in the back of the carters. it was the first time out since jay. ouch! the wheels are sore and still not quite right. oh well. age i guess. hope y'all had good days out.