Sub 15:00 Straight Pemi Is Possible...

...in fact so is a sub 14h and a sub 13h. Specifically, 12:55, starting at 3:30am and Route Map
ending at 4:25pm. I'm trashed, so I'll post more details and photos tomorrow. Here are a few facts to chew on in the meantime:

  • I did it g-$$$-wise (counter-clockwise). I think it may be a little faster, but it seemed to be a lot harder. I hit Galehead Hut in 9 hours and then had Garfield, Lafayette, etc. and that goddamned Garfield Ridge Trail. By the time I hit Liberty I was dragging and I barely made it up Flume.
  • In order to come in under 13h I had to run (not trot) roughly Sunrise From Bondcliff
    the last 2 miles of the Osseo Trail and the Wilderness Trail back to the car - about four miles of running after 26 miles of hiking/running. I was trashed. I hit 12:55 about 15 feet from the car.
  • I consumed:
    - 5L of water
    - 1.5 flasks of Perpetuem/Gel paste
    - 8-12oz of my homemade granola
  • Some milestones:
    - parking lot to Bondcliff, 2.5hrs (just in time for sunrise)
    - parking lot to Galehead Hut, 9hrs
    - parking lot to Lafayette, 12hrs
  • Some pain:
    - I crashed to my right knee on a slippery rock and felt the kneecap jump two feet to the right. I almost cried.
    - The biting insects were really bad, especially on the summits (not really in the woods). Elevation vs. Time

    - Between Lafayette and Flume I saw more hikers that the entire total number of hikers I've ever seen in my entire life, excluding today.
[Update 8/24 - Pics are posted]:
-- Mutha's Pemi Loop Pics
-- Mr. & Mrs. PM were on the Bad Boy at the same time. The PM's Mt. Washington Pics
-- And finally, tMail's excursion w/ Westie to the 'Dacks


  1. Awesome. Congrats on blasting through the loop. Will the future pace, for the loop that is on the calendar, equal this pace?! (eek)

    We went up the Ammo Ravine trail today and spent some time on the summit of the big beeeatch. Came down Jewell and had a soak at the bottom. What a beautiful day.

    By the way, my wife is sitting here wondering why, on the nicest hiking day of the year, you rushed!!!!

  2. get some rest...that's a worthy feat!

    I knocked off a 50 miler in the morning and then 6 hours in the warm Maine sun chasing evan around the so-called York Wild Kingdom and jostling position around some of the rudest little sh*ts and their ruder parents on rides. I might as well have ridden the cog!

  3. What a day to be out! The Big Beeeeatch was looming large in the east all day - had a I known you were up there I would have dropped my shorts and bowed west.

    I wouldn't call it 'rushing': I had the opportunity to enjoy the pre-dawn quiet of the forest, sunrise from bondcliff, long morning shadows over the pemi, the promise of a fine day from South Twin, brain-eating zombies at Galehead, cool mountain breezes & hot summer sun on Franconia Ridge, the rocky dramatic views of Liberty and Flume and soft, quiet Osseo Trail... all in one day.

  4. g-$$$, your tales of the York W.K. remind of the time I swore I would never take my kids to a matinee again - I was looking forward enthusiastically to seeing "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" and those little f**kers (and their stupid, loud kids) were so obnoxious. That marked the day I started bringing darts to the movies.

  5. Mt Washington pics posted - http://picasaweb.google.com/puppetmaster64/MountWashingtonRileyVersusTheCog

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