tMail II: half human/half zombie

tMail Under Gas
ACL repair - it's all about dead people, surgery, zombies, crazy (sadistic) doctors with sharp instruments, torture and squeals of delight as the monsters cut you open... after gassing you to make you THINK you want to be there.

"This won't hurt a bit, Mr. Finocchio... trust us... heh heh heh bwaaahaaahaaa!" Oh and by the way, we have to put THIS around your skull while we drill.

More pics of surgery, post-surgery and demonic devices here. More pics and commentary as things progress. Good luck tMail.


  1. What are these rumors i am hearing about a Sunday romp? Training for the MWRR?

    That poke out of Galehead up South Twin should put some hair on your chests!!!

  2. I'm waiting for the PM to pick. I don't want to go too long (fear of knee) and would like as much heart-pounding elevation gain as possible.