The Spring Thaw

Man, things are quiet around here. We've had two days of rain with four more in the forecast. On the plus side, I am now using my pinkie when typing on a keyboard. w00t!

[Update 4/14] Nick graduates from VTC on Saturday. Sunday I may be up for something hikey or bikey iff'n it ain't rainin'. Keep in touch.


  1. Mutha how is everything else healing? When do you think you will be back on the trails? Forecasts for New England are showing rain, showers, thunderstorms...yuck!

    I am just laying low this weekend I am going to try to get two rides in on the bike this weekend. Today I am going to hop in the pool during lunch.

    PM is heading down to NY for the North Face trail race he is doing the half 13.1 miles.

  2. Hope other things are healing as well. Might be heading up to Tuckermans next weekend for some hiking, Last weekend went to Maine and put up kitchen cabinets and got the plumbing going for the year! Countertop is next...