Wed/Thu Madness

Wednesday is Burke Mtn again w/ Andy, Ken, Spanky & me. Andy & Ken will be on bikes, Spanky and I are running it. Andy's doing repeats - two up-and-downs to my one up-and-down on foot. we'll see.

Thusday the PuppetMaster and I have a ski-slope date. Ooooh, I hope he brings the Bag-o'-Fun!

[Update 7/15]: Thursday is out so the PM can deliver the goods to Mrs. PM. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Ran Burke again today with Andy, Ken and Spanky. Am making progress. Today I shaved a minute or so off my time, but the bigger news is that I'm up to 59ft/min. 60 one day? maybe. that'd hurt.

The different profile features at the right are due to what we do at the summit. Today we (Spanky & I) ran back down to the parking lot and hung out w/ Ken while Andy rode back down and rode back up AGAIN. (Crazy monster.)

At minute 13 or so you can see a bump in today's profile. For about a minute I cranked it up to 70ft/min to pass Andy on "The Headwall" - a sudden very steep section of the road that is really punishing.

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  1. My summer schedule is shaping up to be BUSY...

    Thurs - 4yr wedding anniversary, fruits and flowers

    Fri in VT for work

    Sat may allow for a hike/bike/something in VT

    Sunday is house packing and cleaning.

    07/25 - Benefit music show in Dover, NH... The Feeble Attempts may perform in some shape or form.

    07/26 - Motorcycle riding course

    07/30-08/02 - hockey tournament in Martha's Vineyard

    08/08 weekend - FUN in VT or NH or ME

    08/14 weekend - moving

    08/21 weekend - House crap or SOMETHING FUN?!

    08/28 weekend - in VT for fun and race to top on 08/30

    And then it was Fall... SOB.