Whose Idea Was This?

The plan for Saturday, 7/10, is a double-gap loop. It started when MadDog and I decided we wanted to go for a bike ride. Maybe a few miles, get a sandwich or slice of pizza and stare at the clouds.

Now, it's me, AG, BIL Ken (BIL = brother-in-law), maddog, BIL Paul, Andre, g-$$$...I think I've got everyone. B can't make it this weekend, nor can the PM.

So the trek is: middlebury gap & appalachian gap. 60 70 miles and about 4,300ft elevation gain. billions of aches and pains. ow, ow, ow.


  1. Garvin in Yellow
    MadDog in the Polka Dot Jersey
    Mutha in the Green Jersey

  2. app gap is much harder when you are fat and out of shape...for guys that don't ride that much you were rock stars.

    frock...and 4 more gaps....that one is gonna hurt.

  3. I was this <> close to puking at the top of App gap. The only holding me back was that lungs were in an all out rage from legs that had no gas and needed some. It was not pretty but I managed to follow the leaders. Oh, six is a ways away.

  4. stats for the ride per the Garmin 305:

    67.38 mi ridden (includes all sheep herding efforts)
    14.7 mph avg
    8660 ft climbed/descended

    given that head wind on Rte 100 and the total elevation gain....that's very respectable numbers.

  5. It was just a great day. The weather was respectful, the company was excellent and the terrain was pleasing to the eyes and legs.

    It was a little discouraging at first to see all the riders disappear into the distance, but maddog's excellent wave 'goodbye' made my day.

  6. I can't wait to ride with lyrca mofo's....

  7. any pictures from this event?