Finishing the 48's

[Note: this was originally sent as an email, but is being posted here for reference]

Maddog needs the Osceola's and Tecumseh to finish his 48's and the plan is to tackle them in an epic adventure in November/December. I need them for my 3rd round of 48's too, and am thinking of trying to finish them all this year by 12/31.

It would require a few epic treks and it's not that high a priority it would just be nice to get the list done. For the record, I've listed below the summits I need, grouped according to how I'd tackle them:

Kilkenny Ridge Traverse (Ouch! - or just do them individually and save the pain)

  • Cabot
  • Waumbek
Carter Ridge Traverse (Ouch! - gotta be done in one shot)
  • South Carter
  • Carter Dome
  • Middle Carter
  • Moriah
  • Wildcat
  • Wildcat, D Peak
Osceola/Tecumseh (w/ MadDog & others)
  • East Osceola
  • Osceola
  • Tecumseh
The Hancocks
  • Hancock
  • South Hancock
  • North Twin (to be tackled friday w/ the PM & tMail)


  1. A winter Cabot and Waumbek traverse would probably be one of the most epic endeavors since Shackleton...i would totally be down for that, high risk of being in there for 20+ hours!!!!

    Its that or raid Cabot out and back and then drive to Waumbek Trailhead and raid it as an out and back all in one day.