Getting Ready For Winter: Part I

A quiet weekend says one thing: nothing. I feel like it took the full week to physically recover from the VT50 and I ended up getting a cold Friday, canceling the Stark Mtn. run w/ the PM (who canceled also). Nothing on the calendar until the 10th when I tag along as support on the 20-Gap ride across all of New England. In the meantime, I'm waiting for the rain to stop.

MadDog's been working hard, g-$$$'s been riding his heart out, tMail's been obtaining super powers with his zombie ACL, Speedo's just registered for the Western States, Leadville and the Pike's Peak Marathon and Gilbert's in the 'Race Up Burke Backwards'. But the big question remains: when will the snow fly?


  1. Speedo,

    I want two things:

    1. a Western States race hat, for me.

    2. a "buckle" for you.

    Somebody dump some goddamn snow on VT, PLEASE!