Sandwich Dome & Black Mountain on Saturday

Destination: Black Mtn via Sandwich Dome (Via the Sandwich Mtn Trail)
Distance (Total): 11.2 miles (approx)

  • Noon Peak: 2976'
  • Jennings Peak: 3460'
  • Sandwich Dome: 3993'
  • Black Mtn: 2732'
Parking at the trailhead near Waterville Valley. Logistics via email.

tMail's Trip Report (pics here):
Yeah.....for those that did not attend - you missed one of the most ultimate verbal exchanges of F bombs the White Mountains had ever seen.

This is my entire trip report by the way....I was a eye witness involved in the heart of the action I even through my knee in the mix.

We are walking up the trail in this order: Spanky, tMail, Trudy, DogMan, Muthaz - there is this couple walking down the trail with there dog part German sheppard, Husky, something with husky fur in it...it was grey and black with a black face....

So as we come around this switch back there is an all out attack on Spanky from Cujo....Spanky retreats and I stick my pole inbetween the two of them and start swinging it...Spanky runs for Mutha...i am there looking Cujo in the eyes..the eyes were red, droll dripping from its fangs....

DogMan comes in and says HEAL YOUR DOG...the fat owner just keeps walking...the dog still snarling...DogMan repeats you need to HEAL YOUR DOG it just attacked...Control your Dog....

Then all hell broke out:

Eat my Ass Guy (more on that) says - Fuck You
DogMan - Go Fuck Yourself
Mutha - Hey Hey your fucking dog attacked
Eat my Ass Guy - more go fuck yourself - fuck you
DogMan - Go Fuck Yourself - FUCK YOU!!!
Eat my Ass Guy - EAT MY ASS

I tried getting out - your wife (who this guy was with) "your wife lets you have other guys eat your ass" but i didn't or couldn't probably a good thing

Anyway...it was awesome vicious dog, spanky getting regulated, trudy saying fuck this, DogMan telling some guy to FUCK HIMSELF, Mutha saying all kinds of stuff....

You had to be there.....one thing did go through my head which was stab the dog with my trekking pole, i don't know what would have brought it to blows but that guy would have been fucked...we could have tied him up, i had rope, cooked him, i had jet boil, we could have done math problems with his body parts potential was huge!!!!

Mutha's Trip Report (pics here):
tMail's assessment was NOT an exaggeration. this was total WWF grudge match stuff: Dick Cheney vs. Jesse Ventura.

Te dog looked like it was prepared to dismantle our entire party - if only the cyborg would stop waving his sharp sticks.

the only thing to add is the DogMan was about to do the same to the guy. do NOT cross DogMan - or at least, don't let your dog get out of control - or at least don't be a fat f**k who says "eat my ass". this was an awesome display of a medieval methods of taking down an entire castle: stones and flames everywhere, bodies, blood.

what a great day.


  1. We want Jake...We want Jake!!!

  2. Jake you S.O.B if you go back to bed Saturday morning your ass is grass on the 27th...

  3. Jake said: "you duzzint haz a peanut on yur back so you cant say nuttin'"

  4. I have a peanut in my lung... f-ing colds. I am 50/50 for tomorrow's foray into the wild. Slept for over 10hrs last night and still feel beat.

    I worked out the last 3 days. Maybe it was too much too soon?!

  5. that doesn't sound good. it'll be a modest day so no real craziness but play it safe. i developed some kind of cough thing but am blaming it on the weather. stooopid weather.

  6. I am leaning to go. Going to try and trot this afternoon to see how the body reacts. I imagine the early rise will be tougher than the hike itself tomorrow!

  7. Your animals.....the mountains call we have to answer...

    Jake you SOB...i shit bigger than you!

    PM drink Black Mamba venom don't let me go to NH alone The Summit Shop and The Common Man Diner are calling.

    Sandwich Dome its on some list right NE 100...I need it!!!!

    What teh F does ANQUARPO mean i have to type it...

  8. Spanky - way to get our ass kicked!