Trek Ideas

Just for the record, throwing these out on the blog so I don't forget them:

ideas for upcoming treks:

  • Kinsman Ridge/Gordon Pond by: lonesome lake/fishin' jimmy, north kinsman, south kinsman, mt. wolf, gordon pond trail.
  • Trail Trot 1: two car setup: start at lincoln woods campground and trot to the Cedar Brook Trail (about 60 min trot). take Cedar Brook to the Kanc at the hairpin turn (avoid the Hancocks)
  • Trail Trot 2: two car setup: start at hairpin curve on the Kanc, trot Hancock Notch trail to Sawyer River trail and back to Kanc.
  • Trail Trot 3: similar to #2 but hit Carrigain.
  • sphinx trail from somewhere, return somehow
  • isolation via rocky branch (a loop that returns via the davis path and stairs col trail).
  • sandwich dome & black mtn. out and back.
  • chocorua via some loop somehow

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