K2: Katahdin 2010

Preparations are under way.  Directions, phone numbers, etc. are available by private email from Wildman or any of us.  General info is as follows (mostly copied from emails and subsequent exchanges):

  • waterproof/breathable jacket
  • waterproof/breathable pants or softshell hiking pants
  • insulated parka
  • fleece jacket/wool sweater
  • waterproof gaiters

Base Layer

  • expedition-weight long john top
  • midweight long john top
  • midweight long john bottoms
  • light wicking T-shirt, wool or polypro
  • synthetic briefs
  • synthetic sports bra (SPUNGIE)
  • wool socks
  • liner socks
  • wool or fleece hat
  • balaclava
  • midweight wool or fleece gloves
  • heavyweight wool or fleece mittens
  • synthetic liner gloves
  • waterproof overmitts
  • goggles (2)
  • plastics  or insulated, waterproof hiking boots
  • backpack
  • trekking poles
  • ice axe
  • crampons
  • lighter or waterproof matches
  • firestarter
  • headlamp w/extra batteries and bulb
  • whistle
  • 32 oz. water bottles (2)
  • water bottle parkas (2)
  • pocket knife or multitool
  • map
  • compass and GPS
  • sunglasses
  • chemical heat packs
  • lip balm
  • lightweight emergency bivy (~$30 at EMS)
  • stuff that won't freeze
  • Other
  • Each 4-person "group" should have a first aid kit and a stove w/fuel.

  • Friday Night: PM and I will supply chili/rice and bread for Friday night and maybe mix in a Salad.
  • Saturday morning: I will buy a couple bags of bagels that can get carried over into Sunday morning. I will also bring some OJ etc. 
  • Saturday Night: PM and I will supply one lasagna we are asking other to contribute to Saturday night. We suggest stuff that is pre cooked and can be heated up.
  • Sunday morning: Can others contribute or take the lead last year we did Oatmeal/Eggs/Pancakes.  (Buddy Boy Bro is bringing fresh eggs.)
  • Everyone should also be responsible for bringing one or two gallons of water that everyone can use.
  • Don't forget your individual supplies for the hike or specific things you like.


  1. Pics here - http://picasaweb.google.com/puppetmaster64/Katahdin2010K2BirthdayCelebration#

    Trip notes later...

  2. Notes...

    So, reflecting on my birthday, I thought to myself that 1) the weekend was SO awesome and 2) I feel really lucky to have such great friends who include me in some great adventures and make the weekends and such worth getting psyched about! You guys rock and are all F-ing animals.

    Rainbow - Thanks for the hospitality – not just the warm bed and camp but the licensing of sleds, Baxter permitting, and local guide work! Impressive snowmobile skills – 360’s without trying and jumping sleds into small sheds… WOW!

    TMail - A great co-pilot and now experienced driver of Buck the Truck. I think Bob’s going to need to cut another window in our love shack if it’s to survive your gas bombs like Fri night… WOW! I understand that was your defense mechanism - like a skunk - but I was just trying to cuddle to stay warm! No brace on Saturday… Awesome.

    Spungie – The only man I know who looks like Gandolf the Wizard, climbs like a goat, farts like a misblown tuba, eats like a garbage disposal, drinks excellent beer, knows all about how to spot a Puerto Rican with an apple crate bike from 100yds away, and always enlightens us with his crazy life stories that seem endless. Awesome.

    Buddy Boy Bro - You’re into some weird stuff. Aside from those pics and stuff, crapping a ¼ inch from the trail, peeing into a milk jug at 6am, bringing sausage buns that had nuts on them and desiring the “shovel fighting champion” of Millinocket is all SOOOO wrong. Great to see you have adopted the mountains as an alternative to the running and have taken to the Spungie method of sobriety – just sleep outside after a few beers! Awesome.

    G-Money – Shows up at midnight on Friday, throws back 4 Diet Cokes, sleeps a few winks, stokes the fire during the night, hammers out the hike including route finding 101 on Saturday, thief wires a computer, DVD player and TV together to show Bro’s weird tastes in animals, and then is up at 6am the next day whipping up eggs and ready to do it all again. WTF?! We want to know… what is the “ancient Chinese secret?!” Awesome.

    MuthaZ – WTF?! Did that Osprey pack come with a rocket in the ass of it? You went up that slide like you were chasing Jesus! The ever-inquisitive man who wants to know if “it’s windy on the ridge”, who’s flash drive that REALLY was, and how Bro got a Haitian out of his balloon knot! Awesome.

    Tom aka “Brother Curly” – Great to have someone on board who could tend the pooch, tend the chili, drive the truck with trailer, pick up the shivering Bro post-hike, and put up with our antics. Hope you are in good health next year so you can join the gang for the up and down.