The Bad Boy: 2010 Edition

Off we go!  All reports coming next week.  The plan involves an assault on Madison on Friday (by some) and on Washington on Saturday (by all).  We'll leave this post hanging for now we wait for the trip reports and photo galleries to get posted.

MadDog's Trip Report:
  1. the weather, the weather, the weather. while it wasn't punishing fun, it was appealing in a different kind of way.
  2. it's always great to see folks, i hope all return next year. try and join up with one of the many white mtn day hikes that the NH, MA and VT guys do, just ask your local state rep for more info (Mutha, Tmail, PM, g-$)
  3. the OldMan house band rocked - somebody sign that guy for a long-term recording contract.
  4. congrats to Mutha for taking home the BB prize. remember, be sure it's not used during any glass bottom boat excursions.
  5. note to self, additions to the mandatory house gear list - earplugs, or any kind of sound baffler.
  6. Roland thanks for all the house logistics and video chuckles, much appreciated. but next year, leave the methane generator at home.
  7. note to all future participants - don't forget chip's last name. you've been warned.
  8. valentino, thanks for looking out after the village elders.
Mutha's Trip Report (Picasa pics here;  Facebook pics here):
  1. I agree MadDog - simple conditions, but man, what a glorious day!  MadDog, your screams of pain echoed across the valley.  You will be avenged.
  2. The PM:  needs new arches.  That hamburger looked a little tough and stringy.
  3. The Old Man:  Not sure why he's not known as The King in Vegas, but that act is GOLD!
  4. g-$$$:  Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can stop that engine that insists on being the caboose.  Rumor had it that the valley echoed with the 'War Whoop', but didn't hear a thing from where I stood.
  5. tMail:  good to get back to Dodge's.  And now we've got Ranger Cred.
  6. Spungie:  The Human Sponge.  I know the spelling & meaning are different but the guy must've dumped a gallon of perspiration on the ascent.
  7. JB:  I just can't fathom how fast this man is....it's just incredible...
  8. Cypher:  Having a mutant on the team makes me feel better.  Knowing it's you makes me feel worse.  They net out to zero, but I'm still going to watch what I say.
  9. Buddy-Boy-Bro:  The Bad Boy Brew Master has mastered his brew.  Keep 'em coming, Bro!
  10. Brian:  Coded message:  "I knew you would!"  (Only Cypher can decrypt this message.)
  11. RoRo:  Every time you do the bicep-inflation gimmick at the bar it makes me sweat like Spungie on a power-ascent.
  12. Ray:  Get yer frickin' chickens already!  Mom and dad would be proud.
  13. Wildman:  The little mouse-ears have a function.  Don't let them fool you.
  14. Jumpsuit:  Thanks for the hug.  But the next time we kiss, we should both shave first to avoid velcro-lock.
Wildman's Trip Report (Pics here):  A tale to to days, one very cold very windy for the Madison hike and the other cold and calm, both offered great days in the mountains. Notes:
  1. Gotta get out eary enough to hit the Moat on Thursday night
  2. Thanks to T-Mail for the taxi around the mountain and to the T-Mail mom for dinner
  3. A great night on the town, there are Bad Boys everywhere, once a member...
  4. The house Rocked, in general and esp. Saturday night, who is that Old Man?
  5. Although I don't have as many pictures as Spungie here they are
  6. Mutha nice job on the BB award, be sure to bring it back polished up next year!
  7. Thanks to all for a kind pace, conversation and a great time.
  8. Windbloc shorts, yep on the list
  9. Finally a benifit to the big guys, being 200lbs proved to be a benifit on Madison
  10. Can't wait until next year, but until them K2, WY and who knows what else!!!!!!!!
The Puppet Master's Trip Report (Madison pics here; Bad Boy pics here):
  1. Great day out on Saturday and a great weekend in whole. Thanks to all for making it what it is - something to look forward to every year!Mad Dog - Now that we educated you, I don't want to see you on You Tube with any "glass bottom boat" home videos.
  2. Chip, "The Chisel", or whatever the F your name is - Thanks for being a good sport in the Old Man's act and being so f-ing strong. You rock.
  3. Ro Ro - That blowing up the muscle shit only works in P-Town. You need a new act to attract the Jackson cougars!
  4. G$ - One shoulder up Heather's with no axe and micro-spikes... f-ing animal!
  5. TMail, aka Valentino - Thanks for the memories in room #69. I hope they can get the stains off the ceiling.
  6. Spungie, aka "Bilo" - That was an awesome hair day on Saturday. keep that shit growing like a Chia pet.
  7. Lil Richie - I do have a video of the belly dancing "one pack" (aka your stomach) from the Moat. I may sell it if times get tough. please e-mail me the waiver we discussed and sharpen your Coug crampons for 2011.
  8. Bro - Great brew but you owe me a new colon.
  9. Irishman - We found the whiskey river but I fell out of the boat.
  10. Ray Ray - Get yourself a shaft warmer for next year... and not Bro's hand or mouth this time.
  11. Rainbow - Trout season is coming soon. First Maine and then lunkers in WY. Prepare the menu!
  12. Johnny B - Stay classy, you f-ing animal.
  13. Last, and not least...
  14. MUTHA Z - I am glad I got to witness "Prince", the artist, in the Ravine with you. Purple Rain mutha f-er.
  15. Keep that well deserved Bad Boy trophy polished with your man juice and a soft rag. Remember, someone else is going to have to eat off it next year.
  16. Pics from Fri and Sat hikes.
g-$$$'s Trip Report:
Another year another great time....The Bad Boy weekend never disappoints. Thanks everyone for cooking, cleaning, or just showing up. May have been some of the best weather I've seen on our trips. Awesome pictures for those who are kind enough to post. Who needs a camera when we got so many pros in this group.

From the hard charging front group to the adventurous 3 Musketeers taking the Spur Link, laughs and memories were made. I'm letting the ACLU know that segregation is alive and well in that the Bad Boys put the special needs kids (Spungie and Chip) and minorities (me) at the back of the bus. Of course we get Wildman Bob as a supervisor and there is no shortage of stories and humor.

The Buddy Boy Homebrew, Chili, Carrot Cake, Speedies, Lasagna, Broccoli Rabe, and iterations of hot sauce are finally out of my system. Unfortunately the calories have not. Good thing we only do this once a year.

Congrats to MuthaZ for joining the list of well deserved winners of the glass bling. A final nod to the mountain gods for taking but giving back Spungie's camera. And what a trip down memory lane seeing founding members Hickey and Miller at the Moat.

See you all next year, or sooner if you can make it with us to Katahdin or Gannett this summer.
tMail's Trip Report (Madison pics here; Bad Boy pics here):  Quotes from the weekend:
  • "Bro"
  • the sound of someone shitting their pants and then saying "mine don't smell like Rolands"
  • "I'm gonna run a quick 10k then come hiking with you guys"
  • "she's a border patrol officer and just wants to get together every 6 months, no strings attached"
  • "if i bring a cougar back you guys can all watch, but then show her the door out and tell her to get the F out"
  • "My name is Jimmy"
  • "Mother fuck'aaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
  • "You can put it on the Nate Strong tab"
  • "hey valentino get me another whiskey"
  • "I thought last night meant so much more to you"
  • "there are 15 of us buddy what are you gonna do"
  • "because i am so fucking strong"
  • "are your balls cold"
  • "i can't see straight right now"
Also this from Uncle Richie: Pics here ("kingdom").
Also this from Spungie:  Crazy Friends and Bad Boy 2010

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