Franconia Ridge Loop: Break 2:30?

Nope.  Not even close.  Today's ascent was a record-breaker at 1:07 from the trailhead to the trail junction on Little Haystack.  But while conditions were pretty good low down, I got hammered on the summit.  The entire ridge was socked in down to maybe 50ft visibility with temps in the low 60's and winds between nothing and probably 30mph or so.  The incredible humidity was rough, but the worst part was that I was wearing glasses and had to clear them every 2 or 3 minutes.  Lafayette was the worst.  I actually had water  collecting on the bottom edge of the lenses.  I was completely soaked - saturated through to my underwear.   Descending required that I look down, which made the water on my lenses form little mini-lenses like an old window - everything rippled.  That slowed me waaaay down.

I carried 16 oz of water and drank 12, and ate a Hammer Gel on Haystack.  I was wearing a wicking tank top, running shorts and Darn Tough socks in Vasque trail runners.

Trailhead to Haystack trail junction:  1:07 (good time)
Little Haystack to Lafayette:  30 (slowing a little - maybe 3 minutes behind schedule.)
Lafayette to parking lot:  1:18 (oy.  should've been done in 1 hour.)
Total trail time:  2:55

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