Ewell Pond/Oneida Loop

I put the old leggy-weggies to work just now and tried running my 12.3 mile loop from my house.  it's about 5 miles or so on pavement and the rest on dirt.  It's not too hilly - the profile shown is a little deceptive because of the vertical exaggeration, but it's got a few steep sections that I bike in my smallest gear.  The total elevation gain is about 1200'.  I wasn't out to break any records but I did break my PR accidentally, hitting the driveway at 1:41 (beating my previous PR of 1:45).  The goal was actually to see if I could run for that many miles.  Even though I've been running and/or biking pretty regularly, I haven't been pushing things and haven't really run very far.  DogMan and I did a few big outings (I think we did a 16 miler a week ago) but we haven't been breaking any speed records.

Anyway, I've been whining about quite a few physical aches and pains and wasn't even sure I could run the loop.  In fact I was pretty aggravated for the first half of the run until I realized I was making good time and pushed a little harder at the end.  If I'd pushed harder from the start I could've knocked another minute or two off.

Of course the thought of tMail running all these Ironman races and the trail marathon and it's a little embarrassing to be chatting up this much for a freaking 12 mile run, but hey - we can't all be superman.

This was really the test for the VT50.  I can confirm that my left hamstring is screaming at me, so it's probably going to be a no-go for that monster, but I feel pretty good otherwise.

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