Now, About Those NH 4000 Footers

had to go to littleton on an errand today.  the sun was shining so i brought jake and spanky and did a quick toodle up to the top of Cannon via the Lonesome Lake and Kinsman Ridge trails (up the back of Cannon).

it's a great little quick hike.  including lunch, photographs, checking out the vistas from that lower trail that has the stone 'bench' things, chatting w/ folks who were riding up the lift for foliage tours, etc. it only took 2:50 total round-trip.

we pushed pretty hard (about 80% max) on the ascent.  rough times were:
car to lonesome lake:  under 30 minutes
lonesome lake to kinsman ridge trail:  about 15minutes
kinsman ridge trail to summit:  about 20 minutes

pwning the mountain

i think to get from the car to the top of the observation tower was about 1:15.

it's a great route for dogs.  plenty of water (the trail up the back of the summit has a lot of water running down it).  on the way up, hit a spot where i had to lift jake.  spanky scrambled it after decided to try it on her own (she was getting ready for me to lift her, then decided she had a plan).  i had to push her butt for it to work, but it did.  on the way down, had to lift jake off boulders in about 5 spots.

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  1. So Jake pulled a Buddy Boy Bro or Buddy Boy Bro pulled a Jake?