Chiseling North Kinsman

Speicher, Spanky, Lambeau and I tackled North Kinsman (via the Fishin' Jimmy trail).  Highlights (pics here):

  • On 93 the highway was covered in ice and snow.  The falling snow changed to freezing rain and sleet around Littleton but in the notch it was blowing snow/sleet.  I was close to calling off the trek (not dog friendly, no precip jacket) but trusted that higher up the precip would all be frozen.
  • Good stiff winds up high.  Temps were around 20-ish.  Kept us honest.
  • We're approaching the end of bareboot season until spring - snowshoes will be necessary soon.  The snow was only a foot deep on top of established crust/ice and the descent was made easier by not wearing crampons (I wore microspikes).  Crampons would've made sliding and jumping more awkward.
  • My pack was the Gregory Z30 I got from tMail.  The only time I had to go into it was for food.  I could've done this trek with big pockets.
  • We encountered two older gentlemen in snowshoes who had turned back before hitting the steep part of Fishin' Jimmy, warning us that conditions were really tough.  When we found their turnaround point it was clear they were both insane or on crack.  Oddly, they'd turned around on a nearly flat section.
  • The trees were filled with snow - just loaded (see pics).

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