A Day To Live In Infamy: 12/27/2010

The exodus is here
The happy ones are near
Let's get together
Before we get much older
I believe that on 12/27 a new dawn will light the skies over New Hampshire.  As a cure for what ails you, as a tonic, as a potion, I propose we get our mountain thing on.  Here are some prescriptions:
  • The Willey Range/Webster-Jackson Loop.  This is a LONG day.  Expect about 14 hours on the trail, and about 6000ft vertical.  Trek starts before sunrise and ends in headlamps and the gradual disassembling of your body until only a little spark in your brain is left to signal you are still in this world.
  • Mt. Isolation via the Rocky Branch Trail from Jericho Road (not Rte 16).  Return via Davis Path & Stairs Col.  Long day, great vistas, weariness and dehydration are only the beginning.
  • Mt. Bond:  The route in is via the North Twin trail, tagging North Twin, South Twin, Mt. Guyot, West Bond, Mt. Bond.  We'll avoid Bondcliff to save our souls, yet find them crushed into dust anyway.
  • Owl's Head via Lincoln Woods Campground:  XC ski in and out or just snowshoe it.  Special consideration will be given to continuing up Lincoln Brook before turning east to explore the north-west flank of the mountain.  Lose your soul to the demons.
  • Carrigain:  Go in via the Carrigain Notch trail, and loop back via Signal Ridge.  Die a slow and painful death.
  • Webster, Jackson, Pierce via Webster Cliffs Trail.  Out and Back.  Prepare to be brutally beaten.
  • Webster, Jackson via:  Webster Cliffs, AT to Mizpah Hut, Mt. Clinton trail into Dry River Wilderness, Dry River Trail to Saco River Trail to cars.  13 miles of death.

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