20070505: Great Bicycle Ride Dodge's Drop

It sounds like tMail, the PM and I are in, g-$$$ is giving short odds, MD is riding the fence at 50/50. (Still waiting on route decisions).

Update 5/4, 6am:
MD says he's out for Sunday. I though we were riding Saturday. Either way, still waiting on tMail and g-$ for ride suggestions. Please post in the comments what day
you thought we were riding!

Update 5/11:
Okay, finally got the cable I needed to get the video off the camera. Will post pics/vids of the damn thing this weekend. See next post for 5/12 excitement.

Update 5/14:
I finally got the goddamn cable i needed and the video is posted. Now it's time to get the goddamn pics posted on some goddamn site.


  1. what is that song...Saturday in the park I think it was the fourth of July...

    Saturday is what I thought...MD is drugged up...

    i am at work zero access to personal email going out to dinner after work...hopefully something is posted...tonight when i get home...i have a good 50 mile loop down here in Massachusetts rollers if anyone want to make the long ass commute to my condo...HAHA...other than that I am clueless outside of Mass and RI for bike routes...

  2. i sent this out as an email. crap. i forgot why we called him "tMail". i wrecked something in my hip playing ultimate yesterday. it feels like an adductor. when i get in the car and then draw my left leg in from outside, it causes intense pain. it also hurts if i walk, taking long strides that cause it to stretch.

    interestingly, i don't think it will affect my bicycle motion if do most of my work on the downstrokes so i'm still up for a ride. i'm eating ibuprofen all day (had a nice cheese and ibuprofen omlette w/ ibuprofen shake and toasted ibuprofen on lemon & rosemary steamed salmon steaks for breakfast).

    but Saturday or Sunday?? maddog has me confused.

  3. anyone bombing around mountains this saturday?