Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend witnessed a mixed bag of activity. Team tMail seems to have dominated the southern blue hills and is well on his way to wearing out a new set of bike tires. Team Rassel kicked in the marathon relay at 3:19:27 at a blistering 7:37 overall pace.

we ranked

29 out of 430 in mixed team relay
58 out of 664 in overall team relay

Treadmill hamma'd out the first two legs at top speed while the MPM filled in as a last-minute sub for mutha, who while running a great time on his leg, finished with a record-breaking sprint to the port-a-potty. Lastly but not leastly, Rachael "The Pace" Richards ran so fast she crossed the finish before she even started.

go team.

I couldn't find Tanya Rassel (for whom our team was named) in the 2-person relay race results. Rachael, do you know anything about her team name?

Other highlights:

  • "Let's dust this hair-tie" (overheard by treadmill, spoken by two massholes in reference to our very own two-legger. her reply: "the last time i heard that was from the first janitor to climb off yer mom").
  • "Hey, you have shoes you can run in - c'mon, run the 4th leg with me." (said to the MPM by mutha, ominously foreshadowing his own pending intestinal collapse)
  • I will never let treadmill run before me in a relay. I set out at a good clip for leg #3, only to find myself surrounding by all the lunatics that she was running with. It was like watching the tide go out.
Mutha spent the evening in the ER but aside from cramps today, can only think of one thing "praise Allah that the MPM brought his trail runners".

[Update 5/28: From Rachael:
Oh, by the way, Tanya's team name was "Dottie Rocket". They finished 21st out of 137 two-person relay teams. 8:22 pace; 3:40:08 finish race time


  1. I wish I was there to participate and to witness the performance of the team...

    Team tMail's weekend training log:

    Friday was a trail running in the Blue Hills

    Saturday was a 40+ biek ride

    Sunday was a day spent with Dao but I managed to sneak away for 1 hour to get in 1500 yards in the pool

    Monday was a 40 mile bike ride 2 hours 8 minutes averaged 18.4 MPH then followed by a 5.2 mile run in 43 minutes...

    MZ don't feel bad about your intestinal problems 2 years ago I had what I called "THE SHITS" I would go out running and 50% of the time I had to make an emergency sprint into the woods to unload...I don't know what it was or what caused it but it adventually went away. It was to the point when I was bringing wet wipes when I went on runs with me in a zip lock bag. Others suffer from the "nerves" type thing I have read countless stories on triathlon blogs. Before races I excessivley piss in my wetsuit while waiting in the water to start...

    Well that was my Memorial Day weekend...

  2. HA! If I had stopped to unload on the hill up where the MPM was waiting, the folks down below would've been met with a brown flood and the whole place would've been shut down like a TGIF after a luftmuthaz shitzkrieg firestorm.

  3. I had a hard time sleeping last night - partially because my hip
    flexors were on fire, but mostly because I had a hard time coming down from yesterday's high. Suffice it to say it was a memorable time...:)

  4. MZ did you and MPM discuss any upcoming activities?

  5. Mutha,
    Glad to hear you are feeling better. We were worried about your ass and the noses of all subjected to the wrath...

    My sister said try Rescue Rememdy.

    Me and the "hair tie" had a great time at the race. I'm glad I was able to contribute. Running in the trail runners wasn't bad at all - a slight blister on my big toe but no big deal.

    Rachel was super cool. As Amy said in her e-mail, we have a list of "cool people that Anna works with" and it is only growing!

    I can't believe our pace; 7:37 is flying! Imagine if my ass really was on fire? We could have hit 7:00 even!

    More adventures to follow. The key is I am now going to refer to EVERY outing as a race just to make you crap yourself!!!

  6. I just laughed so hard i soiled another pair. Goddamn it, i'm running out of laundry detergent!

    Maybe I'll just toss these to the dog.