Apparently There's an Official Certificate!

Oh ho! Check out what arrived in the mail last week: a Certificate for the 4kers. Interesting. The best part of this map is that is lays out all the summits nicely in one picture. Not that this is necessary, but it's kind of ... uh ... visually informative.

I think the hardest thing for me is to stand on Lafayette and pick out he summits around Crawford Notch and down by the Osceolas and the Tri's.

I've had a plan for some time to create a map on 8.5x11 that is accurate in scale that illustrates just this kind of set of relationships, but has less olde tyme decoration. What's the point? I don't really know. I guess it seemed fun. Yeh, I'll get to it some day.


  1. MZ that thing looks like something Columbus drew up is it on papayas paper and does it have that faded look like it has been faded out by the sun? I think that is our go to map from now on...how come it says Owl's Head...and not that "fucking piece of fucking shit Owl's Head"...anway great job and you are not part of "da club" maybe I will be there some day...

  2. i meant to say...now part of "da club"

  3. makes meant to go out and tag tecumseh so I can get mine. okay maybe not.
    but that would be a major injustice if the mutha-z and I had our certificates before the grand master puppet master got his.

    t-mail, the cerficate is yours for the taking...you just have to travel beyond franconia notch.

  4. G-$$$ hopefully when we do the Presi Traverse, Pemi Loop and Carter Range Traverse I will check off a bunch more...what does MasterPuppetMaster have left...

  5. If I could only have followed the 4K Footers "template" then I'd have that victory map hanging on my wall of fame... Those mother F-ers!

    My engine is ready for some of the big, burly treks. Maybe it's time to hit all 48 again... in a matter of 2 months? That'd get us in shape for July!

  6. PM does the engine want to turn and burn this weekend (saturday)?