Countdown To Bangalore

Things are quieting down this weekend as we prep for Banglore, travel to Maine, attend Company dinners, watch movies and ride out the rains and storms.

It's good to have a weekend off from time to time, even though if the rains subside I'll probably head out anyway. In the warm fall weather I want to test my new light day-pack (I returned the LaFuma I wrote about a week ago).

While tMail heads to bangalore in a week or so I may do some more exploring. I had such a great time on Kinsman Ridge that I'm still enthusiastic about exploring more in the Whites without hitting the high summits. It's a little wet out there, but nothing a pair of gaiters can't handle.

[Update 10/21 5:30pm]
What a day! I didn't stress my credit card but man, my first metatarsal is aching! Just about 18 miles today but the trails were much easier than the Carter Traverse. tMail and I took about 13 hours to do about 18 miles. I did the same distance (+/- 0.5 miles) and it took exactly 7 hours. I did Nancy Pond trail to Carrigain Notch to Stillwater Junction and then back again by the same route. The weather was outstanding and the route was highly scenic. Once again I've reinforced the idea (for myself) that there are some gorgeous trails in the Whites that don't hit the 4k-ers. The Nancy Pond Trail starts off like the Tuckerman Ravine trail, but not as steep. It then transitions into Falling Water, except a LOT more water coming down the falls. At the top are two ponds: Nancy Pond and Norcross Pond, which appear to drain in opposite directions. Because of all the heavy rains lately, things were mighty wet - in fact the trail around the ponds was completely submerged in spots. Brook crossings were mostly manageable except for one over Norcross Brook, which required that I take my boots off and cross barefoot. It was pretty refreshing and never over my knees. The brook was only about 25ft across. The weather was so nice I actually walked about 200 yards barefoot - enjoying the soft earth and sunshine.

I met one group on the way in, around Nancy Pond, and two couples heading up to Nancy Pond on my way down. The Pemi was entirely quiet, except for the wind in the trees and the sound of rushing water.

Heard it on the mountain - Special Edition (featuring muthaZ's trail induced hypnosis and inability to carry on a conversation):

A group of overnight hikers approached. One guy asked "are the brooks still as hard to cross?". I should've said "How the fuck would I know. It's not like I cross them twice a fucking day every day of the week!". What I said was "... uh, I guess...".

A couple approached on my way down from Nancy Pond. The guy was topless. He said "wow, it's too hot out for my blood!". I should've said "maybe that's because you're a douche-bag.". What I said was "yeh, it's a nice day."

Another couple approached about a mile below Nancy Pond, on the steep ascent up above Nancy Cascade. The wife asks "How much longer to Nancy Pond?". I should've said "yeh, because I have a video camera with a gps and speedometer jammed up your ass and because I have nothing better to do I've been measuring your pace for the last 4 hours, and frankly, I don't think you or your pale-blue boyfriend are going to make it. you better kill yourselves right now." What I said was "...uh, I don't know...". She replied "oh, this doesn't go to Nancy's Pond?". I should've said "no, you stupid cow, it comes FROM Nancy's Pond." What I said was "...uh, yeh, it does... I just haven't been paying attention to the time... maybe another hour...".

Unbelievable foliage pics - posted later tonight or tomorrow. Pic at right was from Nancy Pond Trail.


  1. This is my next quest:


  2. Good Lord, man! Now THAT's what I call an opportunity. You must do it!

    They should call it "The Mud-Hut234" or "The Malariathon"!

  3. basically the water that saves you from dehyrdation will kill you...what to do?????

  4. Well, we survived the Freeport traverse with minimal damage done to the Strong's credit card!! We still have enough $ left over for an adventure into the Whites!!!

    Today I skated and am about to take Big Boy onto the trails behind our house - it's nearly 80deg down here! Those poor fucking polar bears better start practicing their long-distance swimming!

    Bummer to lose T-Mail from the crew for awhile but I'm sure he'll be creating his own adventures in food and fun in the land of the cobra.

    Let me know about next weekend... I'm thinknig a nice day hike on Saturday. I get back from LA on Fri night and will probably need some woods to recover from my adventure there!!

  5. MZ great pictures!!!

    Lets here the Pack Report...

  6. I'm up for saturday, but the company party that was supposed to be last saturday is actually next saturday. It's at 5pm-ish in Montpelier. That means I have to be home by 4pm to shower and change. If you want to do something that takes longer, I'll either take a shortcut back or do something else. Jeezum.

  7. http://www.boston.com/news/local/articles/2007/10/23/newlyweds_perfect_hike_ends_in_tragedy/?p1=MEWell_Pos3

  8. That's a crazy story, tMail. When I was in the Pemi last weekend it crossed my mind that the sense of isolation I was grooving on has a dark side: there's no one around to hear you scream. [Author's Note: I was laughing when I wrote that last sentence but on re-reading it, it sounds really demoralizing. Too bad.]

    On a lighter note, I really like my new day pack. Review and pictures coming soon....