Plans for Saturday

I've got a company party Saturday (actually my wife's employer, but it'll be a rocking good time) but that's not until 5pm or thereabouts in Montpelier. I just need enough time to get home, get showered and changed and be fashionably late. The PM's on the road I think, but he's got a hankerin' for a day out in the wilds. tMail is packing his bags, g-$$$ is training Evan for olympics, Spanky hasn't been tested on more than a few level miles and Maddog is getting outfitted with bionic legs to replace his bionic legs. I just spend two days putting away about 200 bales of hay so I don't feel like doing anything, especially if it involves hay.

PM, if you're still up for an adventure, post some ideas.

[Update 10/25 11:30am]
The forecast for Saturday is for heavy rain - Sunday is looking better.

[Update 10/26 5pm]
Did I say heavy rain? I meant very heavy rain... tonight, all Saturday, into Saturday night and rain mixed w/ snow on Sunday. This isn't looking good. Maybe it's time I repainted the dining room ceiling where the upstairs radiator leaked last spring.


  1. It that Spanky's first appearcance on the blog? If so cool picture it is like she is looking into the blog wondering what the hell is she getting herself into....

  2. That is indeed The 'Pankster'... or at least, part of her. As you can imagine, more pictures will follow in the coming months.

  3. I've hooked up with a bunch of slightly out of shape enthusiastic mountain bikers, led by one of my neighbors. So unless you come up with something super appealing on Sunday I will be thrashing my bike and body for 3 hours. Sat I will be in Boston for a trade show.

  4. The weather looks like CRAP for today and then tapering off a bit tomorrow.

    I can only imagine what the footing will be like up high! My vote is to postpone a week and then ATTACK next weekend.

  5. Here's what the Mt. Washington Observatory Said (I vote to wait until next week):

    "An upper level trough will keep the upper atmosphere unstable tomorrow allowing for some upslope flow continuing the fog and generating additional showers of snow. The gradient around the low will keep winds high through the period with winds reaching a category one hurricane today into tomorrow with gusts over the century mark not out of the question, especially on the backside of the low tomorrow. With high winds and lowering temperatures, wind chills are back in the forecast. Wind chills will be 25 to 35 above today dropping to 0 to 10 below overnight and continuing to drop to 5 below to 15 below tomorrow."