The Great 2007 Carter Traverse

tMail the Tornado is going after the Carters. The PM and I will tag along (apparently), with details to follow as they develop. I have only one request: let's tag Mt. Hight.

tMail writes:
The plan for Saturday is to do the Moriah / Carter Range. Looking at the map and doing some reading today the distance from Bangor Road to Mt Hight is 11.8 miles (page 362 in WM Guide book). Now from Mt. Hight to Wildcat Ridge Trail parking lot is 6.8 miles. We are looking at 18.6 miles, big fucking day but can be done. We all have the fitness to do this but some factors:


Logistics: I think the best thing to do would be to go from North to Southwest, MPM and I will be in one car. I was thinking we can meet MZ at Wildcat and continue to Bangor Road for the start of this adventure MZ what time did you hit the trail on Sunday you stated 20 miles in 9:32. I was looking at the pictures didn't notice you with a headlamp but I am not sure when your last picture was from when you actually finished.

From MZ: I hiked from 7:30 to 5pm. No Headlamp.
Time: What do you guys think, we average for speed on this adventure? Do you think we can get this done in under 12 hours? I would assume we are going to be in headlamps, except MPM. I am not looking for land speed records, I would like to move along I would imagine Hut to Hut pace maybe a little faster?
From MZ: Hitting Crawford Notch late in the hike takes its toll. South->North might be less punishing.
Weather: I don't care unless there is a total downpour.

Gear: I will be using a new pack as long as it arrives this week, food will be powerbars, sandwiches and miscellaneous. I will be in my Vasques. For my legs I am thinking shorts with leg warmers or long underwear under shorts depending on temps. For my top I will be in long sleeve Patagona shirt which I just got is high quality. Poles, med kit, 2 headlamps, bivy emergency bag....depending on weather forecasts rain gear. I will have a hat and liner gloves as well and changes for tops and stuff to keep me warm.

There does not appear to be many streams on the map I would imagine 3+L of water until we get to the Hut?

I have 33 peaks in the bag this trip will put me at 39 my goal before India was 35, I would be really pumped if we could can do this and appreciate you guys coming on this trip with me.

I am excited about this hike as I am all of them but this could be one of my last hikes before India although there is the potential to get up and blast Hale maybe Carrigan as well.

I am open to some feedback regarding the Moriah / Carter Traverse.

I also extended an invite to Spungie he told me to keep him in the loop when we have big hikes.


  1. Mt Hight... Ugh. Do we have to?

  2. MZ thanks for the suggestion we can alter the route South - North...

  3. I'm not saying I would prefer N-S or S-N, I'm just pointing out the difference. I'm up for anything.

  4. We can get a vote see what MPM and crew thinks. I am more up for surviving the hike and finishing it and taking the best approach...

  5. i think the huts close on columbus day so i'll bring the MSR pump. n-s won't be bad. the big climb up wildcat isn't that bad and it's only one short ascent. mt. hight is just as steep (maybe a little more) so N-S S-N won't matter. having water available at the notch toward the end may be a good idea.

  6. Zippity F-ing Do DaOctober 10, 2007 at 8:07 PM

    The whole Wildcat and Carter Moriah trails, starting at Pinkham Notch and ending in Gorham (ow: 17.7 miles, 7,100 feet, 12:25)

    If we start at 8am then we'll be done by 8pm - home by 11pm!!! Then again, we did the Owls Head 18 in no time flat... but it was flat! I'd imagine wed' do better than 12hrs but who the F knows.

    I vote for S to N or for N to S. Actually, N to South will allow for a guaranteed H20 stop at the hut whereas the S to N may leave us parched...

  7. Final plans, arranged via email: drop car at bangor rd trailhead, drive south to AT and do traverse using the S->N method. Bangor Rd. Trailhead car-dump meeting: 7:30-8am. All in favor, show up.