Another Last-Minute Trip

In the wind-up to Monday's marathon, nothing is going on.... not really. The runners are pacing nervously like horses at the starting gates; the PM is soaking his bum tendon in hot (or is it cold?) water; MD is in hiding, replacing most of his body parts with titanium replicas; g-$$$ is ... is ... where the hell is g-$$$?

Anyway, the forecast for this part of the world is for hard blue skies, light breezes (if any) and warm sun. I may head into the hills on Sunday in case anyone is looking to kill some late spring, pre-mud, tronching around. Let me know if you're interested, otherwise I may join the crowds in some of the more popular spots "Ohhh, yeeeaaahhh, baaaabeeeee, that's skiiiin' ma man!" (MadDog and I actually heard that on Hillman's).

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  1. Here I am...I just got back from 3 long days on the road so no chance for me to escape the 'hood to get away.

    MuthaZ and Mad Dog, sweet pics and videos. Damn am I the only one who's not been on Hillman's yet? My neighbor was telling me how bad Pinkham's was today. He did the kayak portion on a relay team for the Inferno. He was telling me they have a stacked team minus a hiker and skier. I told him I might know a few folks who know how to hike fast...

    Tmail and Tmill, go get 'em on Monday. Work is insanely busy so as much as I hoped to get out there in Newton or downtown and cheer y'all on, but alas I'll be slaving behind the monitor to make sure we can get EZ-E his clean diaper ration for this month.