Saturday On Dodge's

In spite of the crowds, I was thinking of heading up Dodge's on Saturday. It would be a leisurely stroll up to Tuckerman's, a climb up Dodge's and a descent down Boott Spur to avoid the horrible Lion's Head trail. If anyone is interested, post a comment.

[Update 4/26]: Bah, I bagged it. I'm getting my bikes out, cleaned up and my water bottles washed - getting some gardening done. I haven't been on a bike since last September. Maybe Dodge's tomorrow... or not until next spring... If not, today will be the official day that all the winter gear gets put away.

[Update 4/27]: Bah, I bagged it again. I woke up to cold rain - not inspiring for hiking. It looks like a day destined for database application programming.


  1. sorry mutha, if the weather holds, i'll be striking chisels. -md

  2. Interested? Yes. However, I will continue to battle the Dengue Fever this weekend.

    I am under quarantine.

  3. I am available this Sunday for an exploration...not sure that date works for anyone....I saw G-$$$ email and I talked to MPM there are some peaks left on my list that would serve a good purpose for overnights particularly the Bonds...MZ I saw that you mentioned a Kinsman Traverse? There appears to be lots of rain in the forecast during the week with it drying out later in the week. Let me know if anyone has any ideas...