The brooks are running high and the trail Monorail Pic
is still snowy in the trees - but falling apart in spots. the monorail varies from two-snowshoes wide, to a few inches (see pics here). Postholing is pretty rough off the trail, and a few spots of the trail itself where it's undermined by meltwater are collapsing, leading to some startling drops.

"Monorail" is my new term for this thing. I got the word from somewhere - I think VFTT.

Above treeline, the only snow is the little snowfield just shy of the summit, and little patches in protected spots.

Spanky had her first 4,000 footer (5,260') and was damned tired on the way home. She slept for the entire ride, only waking up when I pulled in the driveway.
Summit Mutt

I was expected hundreds of hikers today. There was one other guy going up, and on the way down I met 3 people. That was it. I have no idea why there weren't crowds on a picture-perfect day, one of the last snowy hikes of the season.

Pics are posted here (Picasa slideshow - no audio).

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