Kind Of Last Minute

I'm going to head out tomorrow for some low-key adventure ... unless tMail insists on something insane. I have no thoughts on the matter at this point and simply will look back to past posts for Summit Dog
ideas. The biggest problem with tomorrow is that the sun will be shining and the weather will be fantastic. Is that okay? Maybe doing a shortish hike with a 40lb pack... hmmm, although my achilles tendon on my left leg is going the PuppetMaster route... kind of sore, with soreness leading up almost into my calf.

[Update 5/11/08]
Spanky and I did Lafayette again. We were going to do the Falling Waters loop, but I was concerned that there might still be debris coming off the cliffs after the incident last week where that poor woman got killed by a falling rock.

At the summit today, I chatted with a caretaker from Greenleaf Hut who was the first one on the scene. The woman's husband and a friend were there and it was almost two hours before this guy got there (the time it took some other hikers to descend, call the police/rescue, etc.). She had very serious injuries and died before she was off the mountain.

The hikers were on the trail where it narrows under the cliffs while crossing and ascending the steep sides. He tried to describe the exact spot, but it was tough to figure out exactly where. The next time I'm on it I'll look for the spot where "the trail dips down a little and rises up out of a sort of dip - they were in that 'bowl'"

Apparently the hikers heard the rocks start falling and all of them tucked in and tried to protect their heads. She got hit by a rock that was about three feet across at its largest dimension and nothing would have saved her. She had massive injuries to her spine & head.

Summit Dog Pics (only four) here. Stats: 3,600ft, 4mi, 1:25 (avg 21.25 minute pace). This was a difficult bareboot due to the challenging monorail that is still well-formed at higher elevations. We spent almost 1/2hr on the summit having lunch and chatting with the caretaker about the accident. The entire trip was about 3.5 hrs (taking a little longer on the descent). This does, however, set the bar for an up-and-down this summer: sub-three hours. I believe today saw the last posthole of my 2007/2008 winter season (two postholes today, to be exact).


  1. have fun...mum's day precludes any adventure short of a quick tromp through the local woods.

  2. Happy Mothers Day MUTHA...I am in RI tomorrow morning I am going on a 50 mile bike ride then eating a feast for Mother's Day...

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