Those Busy Little Beavers

The Great Dam
I finally remembered to take a camera along while exploring some beaver dams and meadows (marshes) on the east end of the Great Mysterious Danville Zone of Deadly & Disorienting Marshland, Coniferous and Deciduous Forest. These pics cover a run/hike that took 1:55 total trip time. I didn't get a shot of it, but I saw my first Danville bald eagle (from about 50m). It flew off when we came out of the trees and splashed in the mud.

The video below is of following a beaver road to the edge of the Active Dam. Note that I have to stoop pretty low to follow the dogs.

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  1. Muthaz did you find any Indian tribes by any chance that had not been discovered in like thousands of years? Would this be a good area to train for Jay we can practice waterboarding each other in the beaver ponds...