Gannett Trip Report

tMail/PM Fishing Titcomb

When you can, post brief anecdotes in the comments and I'll collect them for the DVD.

Images are posted:

  • tMail's pics: [Link]
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  1. I'll be adding posts over the next several days. In no particular order:

    MD1) On Sunday's return over Bonney Pass, g-$$$ steps out to look over the drop and yells back: "Maddog, tell Lisa and Evan that I love them." That was not a good indication of the descent ahead.

    MD2) The stream assault was just unbelievable. If we were in costumes of grizzly and native indian attire, it would have looked like a mad harvest.

    MD3) "Ummm, ummmm, ummmm, ummm.....Oooh great, oooh great." A G-$$$ and MD dream fusion, as interpreted by MuthaZ. Next time, MZ and I need to lower the decibels when doing movie reviews of 10 Canoes and solving other socio-politico world issues.

    MD4) Great group discussion and decisions near the Pinnacle at the point MD and Tmail, decide to stay back.

    MD5) I have never before been concerned about +1ton stone raining down directly onto us. Real dicey trails throughout.

    MD6) The stunning beauty of the mountains and the valley floor leading up to Gannett was surreal. It was something I could have never imagined, and wanted to share it with those that I love. In some odd way it felt selfish that I was in it and others in my family could not see it.

    MD7) Now that I'm home, I don't plan to put 60lbs on my back for quite awhile.

    MD8) The lakes inspired me to fly fish if I return.

    MD9) I was shocked when g-$$$ wanted to jettison over the crevasse edge. Immediately followed by really impressed when g-$$$ and PM concluded we should belay the team down. "Climbing!", not!

    MD10) Tmail, great decision at the Pinnacle. Not easy for sure - and that's part of why it was so great.

    MD11) Coming home with Tmail's is plausible and can be easily explained to the Mrs. Anything else would be bad bad bad.

    MD12) Only one elk exists in WY, and it must have been vacationing in Idaho during our visit.

    MD13) "crampon on, crampon off. crampon on, crampon off." The only good thing about this was that I finally landed on consistent pattern to tie/hide the loose strap ends.

    MD14) The descent onto and crossing of Dinwoody glacier was just spectacular.

    MD15) The return later that day with water flowing underneath our footing, and openings in the surface having to probe, nearly made me soil myself.

    MD16) The bugs were bad, real bad (as promised).

    MD17) I liked the small and real western feel of Pinedale.

    MD18) As a location, JH is a tourist trap. But there are some real nice folks there who make it their home.

    MD19) Anecdotal consequences. Mutha never ceases to razzle and dazzle us.

    MD20) Why am I not surprised that toilet paper was one of the scarcest resources

    MD21) Thanks to all - for your combined planning, pre-trip travels , company, patience and leadership during the trip.

    You guys rock!


  2. Correction: MD11 should read "...tMail's underwear..."

  3. Trip Report:

    1. We are all insignificant compared to the Mountains.

    2. The combination of 100% Deet, Jungle Juice, OFF, MD herbal organic spray does nothing to fight off Wind River Mosquitos

    3. Once MPM falls asleep and gets on his side slowly shift your body close to him and you can fully unzip your sleeping bag and stay warm

    4. Not showering for 5-6 days is great!!!

    5. MD will eventually eat something I find in the wild

    6. I learned the most about route finding, surviving, decision making on this trip than I have in the last 2 years

    7. Great People make Great Friends

    8. MD thank you, I owe you...

    9. Wild Man Bob, Rainbow Bob, Cut Throat Bob, Whiskey Bob, Wyoming Bob...which one???

    10. G-$$$ we will get you on top of Gannett

    11. There is no "I" in team

    12. $5.00 bucks

    13. I should have outsourced putting on and off Crampons

    14. Fat camp = 6lbs

    15. The 3 "D's" which everyone of you has - Desire, Dedication, Determination

    16. Fish in small pools have no shot against this group

    17. Trout eggs!!!

    18. G-$$$ and Wild Man Bob can cook a mean meal

    19. Who needs filtration

    20. Marmot

    21. MD kissed a Tmail then got his underwear

    22. Hotel shopping is fun..."RIGHT ON"

    23. Lets learn to glissade at 13,000 feet...

    24. Group peeing at 2.30am can't beat it

    25. Seeing satellite's is cool

    more to come...

  4. Rather than duplicate the entries so far, I'll try to add to it:

    * Marmots.
    * I've never experienced such a powerful sun/shade boundary.
    * A moon so bright it outshone the headlamps.
    * Early morning sunlight hitting the tops of the surrounding peaks.
    * Flowers everywhere.
    * tMail will eat anything and swim in anything.
    * Rocks move. Big rocks move.
    * Snow at the edges of snowfields gets rotten fast & snowfields change rapidly in the hot sun.
    * The hike back across Dinwoody was like hiking in the desert.
    * Enough of the front-pointing already.

  5. Wind River mosquitoes are insane - and have the power to spread the insanity

    Hearing an elk through camp on night one - BANG (where's my 270?!)

    Marks in the mud - bear, elk, deer/pronghorn, cats, dogs, and marmots

    I could have used a fly rod to snag those top feeding monsters (next time I WILL be ready)

    The grand scale of the mountains and the stunning scenery we were living in has still not quite registered. It really was like living in a movie backdrop.

    Camping under the shining moon and stars was incredible. A simple 2am pee turned into a moving experience!

    Who knew a camping menu could produce the "hollywood"

    Rock slide echoes

    Up Bonney, down to the glacier, up to Gannett ridge, back down, fighting some deep crevasse thoughts, up and over the Bonney rocks, a wild ass slide, and a tired stumble back in to camp. What a day!

    The REAL old man of the mountains - too cool

    The surreal day of fishing (reel and hand), somehow staying ahead of our hiking schedule out, and scoring an incredible camp site... wow!

    MadDog's surprising filet skill (what was his real "job" in RI?!), rock sculptures and trail laughter

    Mutha's endless knowledge of "stuff" (I hope he writes a book soon) and non-stop pumping of H2O

    Rainbow's tricks, experiences, and steady nature (I hope he also writes book and publishes an adventure calendar!)

    TMail's tent gas (where'd he find a sausage pizza on the trail?) and the tough decision making - it's all part of the bigger game

    G$$'s seemingly bottomless gear (where did he get a charger, oven, chair, dining hall, etc?), mountain knowledge, and drive

    By far the best total adventure I have experienced. I am glad to have shared it with great friends. What we encountered together forced us to trust, believe, and embrace others. We were challenged, did not reach the ultimate goal, but were successful in so many other ways. You guys rock and I look forward to our next poke into the wild.

  6. I almost forgot... TMail's interaction with the toothless, boob's out lady and her boyfriend at the Wagon Wheel or whatever that sketchy motel was.... AWESOME!

  7. Had blueberry pancakes at mother-in-law's today. Father-in-law talked about his meeting this morning w/ the budget committee at the methodist church. Mother-in-law talked about how somebody didn't want to replace the carpet and light fixture at their place. Wife talked about how kids were doing at their summer jobs. All was normal and the pancakes and canadian bacon were delicious....

    but ...

    It was pouring rain and humid out today and as good as those pancakes were (perfectly browned on each side), each bite made me think of g-$$$'s extensive pancake extravaganza, watching the shadows race across the narrow valley at Titcomb and the vast grandeur of the mountains.

    At one point, father-in-law asked about Wyoming. I brightened up and gave a brief account. Then we had this exchange:

    Bill: "I'll bet it's good to be back. Could you see going out again?"
    Mutha: "Absolutely"
    Bill: "Immediately? Like tomorrow?"
    Mutha: "Packed and ready to go."
    Bill: "With the same buddies?"
    Mutha: "Without question!"

    Am heading out w/ Spanky for a soaking rain run. It's rough having such a great life.

  8. I am glad that it has now been verified that PM is a human furnace at night! It is incredible how much heat he put out just by sleeping!

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  10. still trying to catch up and then this jay thing looms on the horizon.

    well what else more needs to be said.

    what a rock star crew we had and I can wait to do it again!

    my pics as the rank amateur in the party:


    July 21, 2008 11:46 AM

  11. OK, so I'm slow, busier than a one armed paper hanger at work!
    but here goes
    1-amazed by our mobilitiy, home, WY, home - what a country
    2-never take a dump without a map a compass
    3-looking at Bonney Pass not sure if I could climb it only to slide down it the next day
    4-the implied comment "those old bastards climbed this"
    5-not easy being a wild animal - you eat underwear and get chased, speared,etc.. by things 200 times your size
    6-the best pancakes I ever ate
    7-the only thing brighter than the sun and snow - the smiles
    8-group worked great together well oiled machine, maybe too much oil (see number 9)
    9-wondering what went on at 3am in the other tent

    10-best of all - we gotta go back and finish our business

    This one will merit a few pictures on the walls in Maine, it not easy finding people willing to work as hard to have as much fun, I think the Winds will call each of us back!
    Grizzly Bob (I haven't washed my hand yet)