Jay Challenge, 2008: A Couple of Graphs

These are compiled from the race results posted on Des Rosier's site. The following was Dan's comment posted on his race forum:

"On 400 registered runners for the marathon 92 did not show up at race packet pick up. I believe that the Northeast tornado and massive rain the week leading to the event is the main cause of this high percentage of no show.
291 racers were at the start line, 10 had to drop out during the race for injuries and various reason and 63 did not make the cutoff time and were forced to DNF.

On 200 registered ½ marathon runners 65 did not show up at race packet pick up. We had 135 runners on the start line. 10 DNF on the ½ marathon."
The first graph shows a frequency plot counting the number of racers finishing in a 30 minute interval from 5hrs to 10hrs. To read the plot, note that the point at 5.00 is for finishers with times between 4:30 and 5:00. The point is centered on 5hrs, which seems lame, but I didn't feel like correcting it. I've broken out runners by under/over 40 and overall totals. Men and women are combined.

Also note on the top graph that the teal graph is behind the pink graph, not stacked on top of it.

The second graph shows that there is no correlation between age and finishing time among men.


  1. My favorite thing about the 2008 race... Mad Dog registered, and is listed in the results, as "Mad Dog."


  2. When he crossed the finish line, I heard "Number 88, MADDOG MATTERA!". We cheered!!!