Last Gannett Post

I figure this is the last post on the blog until we all get back safe and sound from Gannett - healthy, happy and at least g-$$$ having hit the summit. Today and tomorrow: pack, unpack, repack, scratch head, and unpack and repack. Feel free to post comments if needed and I'll get the juiciest parts here on the main post.

MadDog & Mutha: Arr Jackson Hole, 2:36pm via Delta 3908 from Salt Lake City.


  1. Mutha, here ya go. Pls check against yours to be sure I did not munge anything during my edits.

    Flight Number Departs Arrives

    Delta 44211 Burlington, VT (BTV) 6:15am 10 Jul 2008 Atlanta, GA (ATL) 8:55am 10 Jul 2008

    Delta 663 Atlanta, GA (ATL) 10:55am 10 Jul 2008 Salt Lake City, UT (SLC) 12:49pm 10 Jul 2008

    Delta 39082 Salt Lake City, UT (SLC) 1:35pm 10 Jul 2008 Jackson Hole, WY (JAC) 2:36pm 10 Jul 2008

    Delta 37752 Jackson Hole, WY (JAC) 11:21am 17 Jul 2008 Salt Lake City, UT (SLC) 12:15pm 17 Jul 2008

    Delta 696 Salt Lake City, UT (SLC) 1:40pm 17 Jul 2008 Atlanta, GA (ATL) 7:32pm 17 Jul 2008

    Delta 44021 Atlanta, GA (ATL) 8:35pm 17 Jul 2008 Burlington, VT (BTV) 11:06pm 17 Jul 2008

  2. Tmail and Wyoming Bob arrive in Jackson Hole, WY on United Flight 0797 at 2:05PM