Moosilauke & Nancy Pond Trail

tMail and I went our separate ways. He hit The Moose with a pal and I hit the Pemi with Spanky The Wonder Dog. The trail was pretty quiet and nobody was in the Pemi. There were maybe a dozen folk on the trail, but once above The Cascades things were pretty quiet.

tMail & Mr./Mrs. MPM ran a half on Saturday, the weather is beautiful, the foliage is at peak color and everyone seems really happy with the fall, in spite of the rapid crumbling of society and the return to hunting and gathering Mutha's pics here.

From Nancy Pond Trail to Norcross Pond To The Pemi


  1. A couple of things to note:

    When arriving at the trail head the cars where about 20-25 deep (more on that later). I did not have the correct gear for hiking...I did NOT have:

    1. Jeans
    2. Sneakers
    3. Red Sox hooded sweat shirt
    4. Jean shorts
    5. Leather clogs
    6. Bare feet
    7. One of those bags that has rop for the arms straps.
    8. Khaki pants with a sweat stain like not other in the ass.
    9. Head phones one that looked like ear muffs.
    10. A single 16oz Poland Springs water bottle, with a LL Bean jacket tied around my waste with jeans on.

    Besides all that you could see everything from the top including the black smoke from the Cog...

  2. After Spanky and I got back to the car, we found an almost continuous line of traffic coming down 302 towards North Conway. We pulled out of the trailhead (it's just past the Saco River Campground) and headed south a few hundred yards. Just beyond was a turnout on the opposite side of the road. I signalled left to indicate I was going to pull into the turnout, but due to oncoming traffic had to wait for a break. In the meantime, cars behind me saw my signal and began to slow. As I pulled forward, crossing the oncoming lane, two drivers behind me leaned on their horns and swerved dramatically around me without slowing. Both had Mass plates.

  3. I'm back, and in for the 18th, on whatever excitement MZ has on the menu.