The Tripyramids

I created a new post for this item for the trip reports, not that it needed it but because I'm still sleepwalking and not responsible for my decisions. Pics by tMail here. Pics by Mutha here.

tMail Sez:

What a day...
  1. I missed the pick up in Plymouth as MadDog did the Tour De Plymouth
  2. Mutha's state in DD I think he was still sleep walking
  3. Livermore where are you?
  4. 20 minutes into the hike Vasque's fully submerged in water and toes frozen North Slide (by tMail)
  5. Interesting trail chatter we will leave it at that
  6. Sabbaday everything I thought it would be
  7. MD getting closer to his 48....Cabot and Waumbek scheduled for November 1st
  8. Tmail doing Middle Tripyramid 4 times in one day has to be a record
  9. Red Sox Suck I hope the lose
  10. North Slide strikes again
  11. Livermore great trail for the trail trot
  12. Running into the Goonies on the Livermore Trail
  13. The lost city of Babylon or something like that
  14. Great Friends
  15. Great People
  16. Great to see Sasquatch
Mutha Sez:

  • I rolled out of bed when MD rolled into the driveway, and in five minutes rolled into his car. I have a vague recollection of watching the pretty leaves on the trees and then noticing that we were approaching West Virginia.
  • The Sabbaday Brook trail is a trail. The Livermore Trail is a hell-hole of tiger traps made to capture anything smaller than a cow. On the plus side, Westie and I ended up having to stop, doubled over with laughter as we saw both tMail and MadDog, one-after-the-other, drop into a slippery mess of knee-deep mud. View West (by Mutha)
    It was like two cartoon characters following each other over hot coals with a 1/2 second delay in their reactions, followed by lots of arm-swinging, head-bobbing and slippy-sliding.
  • The Lost City of Livermore may never be found, and that's fine with me. It probably fell over, burned down and sank into the mud.
  • tMail hit Middle four times while Westie, MD and I sat in a puddle of sunlight on cold, calm North Tripyramid, soaking up the warmth and enjoying the effortless recreation.
  • The conversation was ... erratic. The topic sequence went something like this: Corn, Airplanes, The Provost's Desk, Sofas, The Red Sox, Sasquatch, Airplanes, Buddha, Red Sox, Tempeh, Beets, Airplanes, The Lost City of Livermore, ...
Maddog Sez:
Adding a few other notables:

1. the facial expression of MZ, through the blinds, when his rides shows up and he's rolled out of the hay.
2. We need to get TMail's call dirty.
3. It was comical to see Westie herding cats at the end so he could the make game on time.
4. The trail was a highway department's dream - can you say thousands of cubic yds of gravel.
5. WTF were are my trail runner gaiters? Next, I'm breaking out my nylons....easy MZ don't excited.
6. It was really funny to meet those geo-geeks. Right out of a movie.
7. What's top speed of a rocket sled coming down the slide in the winter, on fully loaded snow and ice conditions? Good problem for the St J., students.
8. A real nice day..thanks boys!


  1. We also sang renditions of:


  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fejN4O7_93k