October 5th: Chicorua Franconia Ridge

tMail called it: Chicorua. He's got some crazy route that goes up and down and all over the place. Here's his version:

Maybe up Champney Falls Tr, then across the Bee Line Tr., Lawrence Tr. and pick
up the Oliverian Brook Trail in Paugus Pass?

We'll know more as the situation develops.

[Update 10/4] Mutha's got a bad cold. tMail & Westie will head for Franconia Ridge on Sunday for an 8/8:30 start at the trailhead.


  1. I am picking up Westie at 6.00am probably be there close to 8.30 plan is the Ridge packing semi winter gear...shell, hat, gloves, long pants, Wyoming boots...no gaiters...change of top...

  2. must...get...out...
    (i don't do 'sick' well)

  3. Saw a whole string of "gear testers" this weekend as we were descending from the high ridge in Snoqualmie Pass (after opting to turn back from the blowing wind, 38deg F temp, and sleet/snow/heavy rain.) They were apparently testing the newest in outdoor gear - nylon windbreakers and cotton sweatshirts. Great day to find out how the material performs. They are everywhere...

  4. The best thing I saw was a lady had on a pair of Keen Newport H2, copy the link and paste in your browser...she had white ankle socks under them with black sweat pants that came down to mid shin...we also saw the pink New England Patriots sweatshirt on falling waters...as we passed her she said..."this is tough", "how long to the top"


  5. My standard answer is "you're almost there." If they're wearing cotton it's "i think you passed it."