Next up: Dorigan, Jeffrey and the wild rainy ride

The forecast for Saturday looks pretty damned wet. Typical November. Whatever Dorigan, Jeffrey has in mind, we better bring a boat. Count me in.

In the meantime, Danville has an inch or two of the white stuff on the ground and tonight it should drop below 20deg. Spanky and I went for a moonlight run last night in the new-fallen snow, cold, crisp air and bright moon and black shadows. I recommend it.

[Update 11/13] It looks like the rain is going to HAMMER us on Saturday. I may wear my mountaineering boots just to keep the weather out. Additional gear: balaclava - a light one (or a light face mask to keep the freezing rain off my nose/face.

[Update 11/14] We're in for the great dramatic outing of 2008. This looks like we'll be referring to it with a long series of nicknames, like:

  • The Time Madison Tried to Kill Us ... AGAIN!
  • The Great Soak
  • The Time We Lost That Guy Jeff What's-His-Name
  • Q. Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? A. Because it was better than being CRUSHED, KILLED & DESTROYED in the Northern Presi's.
  • Hey, is that an island in middle of Lake Adams?
  • Woah, fish at the hut?
  • I have gills.
  • I'm cold.
  • This isn't fun.
  • I'll fucking wade through it. Who the fuck cares. This is really lame. I'm cold and wet. Shut UP Keith!!!!
  • My balls are peeling


  1. Jeffrey Dorigan is 6'10 and can cross man with his nalgene...

  2. 6'10"? that's good, in case we need a spanner for some of the rising brooks.

  3. We may have to tie him down to keep him from floating away. We're looking at a few inches of rain over the next few days, including Saturday, which should be the rainiest.

    mmmmm, cold, wet, windy, rain.


  4. SEEK AND DESTROY...strap a set on boys test the gear that is why we bought it!!!!

  5. I'll be at home in the desert, trying out my sun hat and hoping the scorpions don't crawl int omy boots.

  6. just saw this: "As a mixture of precipitation falls upon the summit today and tomorrow, the soft rime and snow will transform to a slippery, bulletproof layer of ice. Above-freezing fog will combat the slippery conditions by essentially devouring the snow cover on the higher summits."

  7. bring it:


  8. I'll tell the Lyme story tomorrow as we brave the trails and the hell fire rain. Looking forward to seeing you wilted, pruned up v-holes.

    I'm off to look for some "light traction." F-ing shoulder seasons suck...

  9. I took the slip and slide with me...first one to cough up blood can go first...